About Us

The Genesis of Farlong Nutraceutical

Unique, patentworthy formulas based on research.

In 1998, Farlong Nutraceutical was founded with a clear mission: to bridge the gap between nature and science. As we explored the vast landscape of natural supplements, we recognized a need for evidence-based, clinically-proven products that users can trust.

Our Pillars of Excellence


With rigorous clinical trials, we unravel the truth behind supplement function claims, ensuring transparency and trust.


Innovation meets science as we craft patent formulas for effective and safe supplements.


Our dedication to purity and efficacy leads us to source only the finest, clinically-proven ingredients.


Empowering our clients is paramount. We offer educational opportunities to harness the power of supplements, from formulation to clinical trials.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the global benchmark in supplement research, formulation, and education.


By harnessing nature's potential through science, we aim to deliver trusted, effective, and innovative solutions for health and wellness.

Management Team

Guiding Farlong Nutraceutical to New Heights

Our leadership team is an ensemble of passionate professionals, each a maestro in their field. Their collective experience and dedication drive our commitment to excellence.

Position: Co-founder and operational architect behind a transformative logistics enterprise.

Financial Triumph: Rapidly achieved $200 million in sales within 2 years, and brilliantly steered the firm to a resounding IPO success by the third.

Profile: McKin Chen is more than just a CEO; he’s a beacon of operational and financial excellence in the e-commerce logistics realm. With an innate ability to optimize processes and capture market opportunities, Chen has not only accelerated revenues but also solidified investor trust. In a domain where agility and precision are paramount, McKin’s blend of strategic vision and financial prowess positions him as an industry giant.

Sector: Chain Store & Retail

Financial Feat: Orchestrated a financial leap, turning a $10 million enterprise in 2010 into a $300 million powerhouse by 2023. 

Profile: Jackson Kwok is not just a COO; he’s a retail strategist who understands the nuances of the market. With an uncanny ability to forecast trends and harness growth opportunities, he’s amplified revenues by 30x in a mere 13 years. In an industry known for its cutthroat competition, Jackson’s fiscal acumen combined with his market insights makes him an invaluable asset for progressive retail ventures.

Renee Xue:
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A seasoned financial maestro, Renee Xue boasts two decades of executive experience, notably with elite NASDAQ-listed firms. Renowned for her financial finesse, she masterfully balances strategic financial planning with stringent regulatory adherence. With an adept touch in international finance and an intricate grasp on regulatory nuances, Renee has been instrumental in sculpting financial landscapes of firms to success. As we gear up for our IPO, her pedigree with NASDAQ elites ensures our stakeholders of uncompromised financial vigor and sterling integrity.

Dr. Sanford W. Bigelow:
Chief Research Officer (CRO)

As our Chief Research Officer, Dr. Bigelow is the gold standard of research leadership. His tenure as VP of R&D at Neways International, Inc. was distinguished by the strategic oversight of over 400 products, seamlessly merging cutting-edge innovation with the highest safety and regulatory standards. This expertise was further honed at McNeil Nutritionals, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, where he navigated complex regulatory landscapes with finesse. As we steer towards our IPO, Dr. Bigelow’s unparalleled experience with industry leaders reinforces our pledge to groundbreaking research, rigorous compliance, and safety.

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