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What is Saw Palmetto?

Long before modern medicine came into play, people relied upon plants as natural sources to maintain their health. While natural health care methods were once passed down through the generations, modern science has made it possible to identify exactly which components of plants work the best to support better wellbeing. This allows for supplements to be produced that are more potent while safe farming and manufacturing practices ensure that potentially negative side effects are minimized.

When you are just beginning to explore the benefits of health supplements, it is natural to have questions about specific ones. Learning more about saw palmetto and how it can help you maintain better overall functioning gives you the ability to decide if this supplement has a place in your daily health regimen.

Where Does Saw Palmetto Come From?
The use of this plant goes back many years. Although it is impossible to trace its origins back to its first use as a supplement, it is known that the Native Americans used it for a long time in the form of a tonic that helps to support better health. The plant is a dwarf palm tree that is found in North America along with other parts of the world such as Cuba and the Bahamas. It grows best in sandy soil and in areas with a tropical climate, which is why you’ll often find it growing in Florida.

The plant gets its name from the saw-like teeth that exist on the stalks that attach the leaves to their stems. During its prime growing season, the plant produces dark red berries. These berries are edible, and they can be used to create tea, tinctures and other forms of women’s health supplements along with those that are designed for men. The typical way to create a supplement from this plant is to use the berries to make an extract that can then be placed into capsules that make it easy to include in your daily regimen.

What Are the Benefits for Men’s Health?

saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is known for offering many potential benefits for a person’s health, and they include the following:

  • maintain good prostate functioning
  • help with supporting proper urinary functioning
  • support normal hair growth and fullness
  • increase libido
  • assist with maintaining balanced hormones

The plant extracts are often added to supplements for prostate health. An enlarged prostate can cause many problems that can include pain and difficulty with urination. The enlargement of a prostrate can also place pressure on the urinary system. This can lead to issues such as having a weakened urine stream, frequent urination and difficulty emptying the bladder. Once this happens, a man’s quality of life can begin to decline. For example, men with frequent urination may find themselves having to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. The effects of sleep loss may then begin to impact their ability to stay focused on tasks during the day.

The berries have components that are known for helping to reduce the size of the inner walls of the prostate. This helps to support maintaining the prostate’s normal size. With reduced inflammation, men can expect to keep their normal urinary and sexual functioning. Being able to sleep better, enjoy their normal activities and cultivate a satisfying physical relationship are all essential things that impact a man’s quality of life.

The benefits of this plant also extend even further into areas that affect men’s ability to enjoy a higher state of physical and mental wellbeing. The berries are associated with the possible ability to stop the body from converting testosterone into a stronger form of the hormone that is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Since higher levels of DHT is associated with hair loss, there is the potential for this plant’s extracts to promote more hair retention in men who are at risk of losing theirs. While there are many factors that play a role in hair loss, this is one thing that men can do to take control over their ability to maintain their current appearance.

Men should also know that saw palmetto is currently the subject of several research studies that are designed to identify the truth behind claims that the plant provides other important benefits. For example, people have believed for years that the plant can improve libido and potentially stop the growth of cancer cells within the prostate. More information is still needed before there is a definitive conclusion. However, there are anecdotal claims that support the plant’s ability to help men enjoy a stronger libido and retain their prostate health as they age.

Are the Berries Good for Womens Health Supplements?

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A large part of the focus of this plant’s benefits tends to overlook how beneficial it can also be for women. Although a woman’s anatomy doesn’t include a prostate, there are several ways that the supplement can be used for health support. Women can sometimes experience health challenges that come from imbalanced hormones, and having an overload of testosterone and DHT can lead to symptoms that include hair loss, acne and abnormal menstruation. Some women may also struggle with fertility if they have a hormonal imbalance.

This supplement’s benefit of helping to maintain normal hormone balances can help women whose bodies may produce large amounts of DHT. When women have lower amounts of this hormone, they can enjoy normal reproductive functioning and hair growth patterns. Better overall skin health can also be achieved by maintaining balanced hormones. Acne can often leave scars behind that mar a woman’s confidence and can lead to more skin problems later in life. Getting control over skin health now can prevent issues from developing later.

Does It Help With Other Health Issues?

womens health supplements

The anti-inflammatory benefits of the plant are also used for supporting better overall health in other ways. For example, some people have noted that it helps them to maintain better respiratory functioning that includes fewer incidences of coughing and asthma-related events. Lowering inflammation in your body can also help to reduce the frequency of migraines and general discomfort.

How Do You Take This Type of Supplement?
This type of supplement is incredibly simple to use since it comes in a capsule form that makes it possible to take with you to work or on vacation. However, you should know that you may need to do some brief prep work before you begin using any health supplement. If you are currently experiencing issues with your prostate or urination, then it is important to visit a physician to rule out serious problems such as an infection or cancer. Then, you can begin using your supplement with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are working on maintaining your health.

This plant’s supplements are best absorbed by your body when you take them with food. You’ll typically be recommended to take these supplements during a meal. In addition to helping your body absorb the important components from the extract, you’ll find that this helps to minimize the chances of side effects such as an upset stomach that can sometimes occur when you begin a new health regimen.

Taking care of your health means making it a priority to only use supplements that are developed using safe manufacturing practices. Farlong Nutraceutical is committed to providing supplements for prostate health that meet stringent guidelines that include third party testing. With standardized extracts, you can trust that the supplements that you use are designed to support better health without unnecessary additives.

womens health supplements

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