What is Astaxanthin Good for?

As you work on taking care of your health, you’ll often hear that you need to get more antioxidants into your body. You might already take a multivitamin and fill your plate with healthy veggies and fruits. There is no doubt that eating well and taking your vitamins can help you to reduce your risk of cancer and age-related health conditions. But, you might also be overlooking one of the most potent sources of antioxidants that you can only get in supplement form.

What Is Astaxanthin?


If you’re like most people, you’ve likely marveled at just what mysteries might be living in the vast expanses of the sea. While there is still much to be discovered about the potential benefits that sea life holds for humans, one mystery is already solved. This strong natural antioxidant comes from aquatic creatures such as trout, shrimp, and microalgae. You might not have realized it at the time, but you’ve actually seen it in the pinkish-red color of salmon and the shells of lobsters and crabs.

The beauty of this natural antioxidant goes much deeper than its color. It is known for providing these benefits and more for your health, making it worth diving deeper into how many different ways you can use it to strengthen your well-being.

  • anti-aging properties
  • benefits for heart health
  • maintain cognitive functioning
  • enhance vision care
  • improve athletic performance

In the health supplement field, there is a saying that the only bad thing about astaxanthin is that it is hard to get into a regular diet. This antioxidant occurs in minute traces in most aquatic sea life, which means that you won’t get enough to make a difference in your health just from adding more salmon to your plate. Fortunately, the top scientists in the world have figured out how to put it into supplement form, which allows you to take advantage of its benefits for your health easily.

Manage Cognitive-Related Health Conditions
A sharp mind helps you to think on your feet, which can help you to be more productive at work and stay safe. One of people’s biggest fears tends to be losing their cognitive functioning, which is a common experience with aging. The medical field has come a long way toward helping people to prevent or manage conditions such as Alzheimer’s, but adding a few extra strategies to your plan to prevent cognitive decline doesn’t hurt.

This natural antioxidant helps break down free radicals in your body that could play a role in brain changes affecting your thinking. It also has anti-inflammatory processes that could improve cognitive functioning. Purifying your bloodstream also makes it easier for oxygen to reach your brain so that you can think more effectively.

Add a New Element to Your Cancer Prevention Plan
Wearing sunscreen and avoiding toxins in your environment are both wonderful things to do for your health. But there is always more that you can do. Taking natural herbal supplements helps you to prevent cancer using an internal method. The most potent antioxidant in the world has the ability to impact the cells in every system of your body. Astaxanthin has been shown to provide long- and short-term benefits in preventing breast cancer. It can also help reduce the free radicals that form when the sun’s UV rays hit your skin, reducing your risk of developing skin cancer. You’ll still want to slather on sunscreen when you go to the beach. And you’ll also be able to look at those waves and know that the microalgae within them provide you with a natural antioxidant that works perfectly with your other cancer-prevention strategies.

Smooth and Moisturize Aging Skin

natural antioxidant

The damage that free radicals do to your skin involves visible blemishes that can make you look older than you really are. As the antioxidant works to improve cellular functioning, you may also notice a positive change in how you look when you gaze into the mirror. Over time, taking anti-aging supplements consistently can help your skin to appear smoother, and those fine lines and wrinkles won’t deepen and show up quite as fast. Infusing your cells with antioxidants also helps them to stay hydrated, which can help your skin stay more moisturized. Being able to see the results of your supplement in physical form helps you stay motivated for continuing to maintain your health.

Increase Your Endurance During Exercise
Speaking of motivation, keeping up with an exercise routine is one area where many people struggle. As you age, you might find yourself needing to take more frequent breaks during your cardio workouts, which is fine as long as you still manage to rack up the minutes you need to maintain your weight and muscle mass. However, you can add an extra boost to your motivation to keep going by using astaxanthin to help you reduce how fast you get fatigued. The potent antioxidant further helps to maintain your cardiovascular and respiratory functioning, which can help you to stop feeling so out of breath as fast.

Reduce Joint Pain and Muscle Soreness

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You might feel your muscles ache after a heavy workout. Or, you might be one of the unfortunate people who are feeling joint pain as part of the aging process or from a known health condition such as arthritis. Either way, astaxanthin has the additional benefit of helping to stimulate muscle recovery after a heavy workout. The regenerative effects of the natural antioxidant also help your body produce fluid that cushions your joints to experience less pain. Reducing the pain that you feel each day makes it easier to go for a walk or stand up long enough to cook a healthy dinner.

You’re more likely to make other healthy lifestyle decisions when you feel great. Farlong Nutraceutical’s astaxanthin is made using Haematococcus Pluvialis, one of the most potent sources of this antioxidant in the world. Once you begin to feel the energy-boosting effects of supplementing your diet with this antioxidant, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Try adding it to your healthcare regimen and watch as your body responds by giving you a greater sense of wellness that impacts every part of your life.


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