The Traditional Use of Lifeflower® in Chinese Medicine

There’s a saying that some things never change, and the use of herbs to improve one’s health is just one area in life that supports this belief. Ancient Chinese medicine has long been a source of mystique, mystery, and even pride among people who value the importance of natural health remedies. While most people agree that ancient civilizations had little choice but to rely on the plants they found around them to improve their health, you’ll find that there can be a wide amount of gaps in the information that we have about how they made that happen.

Fortunately, there are individuals and companies in the world that have taken on the responsibility of diving deeper into the practices of our ancient medicine practitioners. Although research continues to uncover new and exciting findings today, it is interesting to take a look back at how one of the most potent herbs in the world was used in Chinese medicine more than 500 years in the past.

Benefits of Using Lifeflower®: Then and Now

Chinese medicine practitioners often view the herb that gives Lifeflower® its potency as an all-purpose healing substance. Although it was primarily used to treat cardiovascular ailments, it was also a go-to medicine for easing digestive disturbances, toothaches, and generalized fatigue. Since the herb stimulated blood flow throughout the body, practitioners also used it to help increase people’s libidos, stave off aging, and promote greater memory retention.

Today, people still use the herb for all of the same reasons. Still, the current research focuses the most on how using the supplement for better memory can also help to support a higher functioning cardiovascular system along with reducing the long-term effects of stroke on survivors.

Getting to the Roots of Lifeflower’s History
The plant, Erigeron Breviscapus, is native to China, where it grows naturally in the high mountain forests and alpine regions in the Chinese provinces of Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, and Sichuan. If you were to come across the plant in the wild, then you would likely notice its beautiful purple flowers that have a daisy-like appearance. The plant tends to grow sparsely in the wild and is in danger of over-picking if humans were to focus on a single area of growth, which is why Farlong has cultivated a special plantation that is designed specifically for use in supplements.

As interest in the herbal plant grew, requests were sent out for people to search for any proof they could find of its use in ancient Chinese medicine. While we still don’t know all the facts about how ancient Chinese medicine practitioners used the herb, the request turned up some interesting evidence. Back in the 1960s, an old medicinal text published in the Han language revealed that the herb was used for helping people with stroke recovery. This information took on even greater importance when it was revealed that the ancient text aligned with modern studies that highlight the benefits of using the herb’s extract for helping people prevent and recover from strokes.

Modern Use of Lifeflower®

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Lifeflower®, which is a patented and branded ingredient that comes from the plant Erigeron Breviscapus extract, is self-affirmed by GRAS for use in food, natural herbal supplements, and beverages. The current recommended dose for someone using the herb as a dietary supplement is around 200 mg a day. Although the herbal ingredient has a fairly neutral taste, it is typically given in a gelatin capsule that you can take with your meals once a day.

The modern use of this plant hit a landmark moment in 2002 when the U.S. Patent Office granted Farlong International, now Farlong Nutraceutical, a patent for the extract of Erigeron Breviscapus, the primary ingredient in the supplement that is better known as Lifeflower®. The patent itself cites the herb’s ability to increase cerebral blood flow, raise immune functioning, and provide a range of other benefits that all add up to helping people maintain their health. Today, you can find positive results from research studies involving both humans and mice and memory abilities along with information about how using the herb may support improvements in muscle functioning after a stroke.

With the granting of the patent, Farlong was then ready to capitalize on the information gleaned from research by using the herb to make natural supplements that make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of the plant for health support no matter where you live in the world. With the modern Western diet and lifestyle leading to an uptick in cardiovascular disease, it only makes sense to take a step back and look at what our ancient ancestors did to take care of their health, even during a time when processed foods and convenience stores weren’t available on every corner.

What to Look for In a Supplement

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Our ancient Chinese ancestors could rely upon their medicine practitioners to do the leg work of making sure that the herbs they took were safe for human consumption. While this worked well most of the time, you have the benefit of using science to eliminate the chance of errors. Our supplement for better memory begins from a single seed that is carefully selected for its potential to grow into a potent plant.

Farlong Nutraceutical has also established stringent planting, harvesting, and manufacturing guidelines that ensure that our herbal supplement contains at least a minimum of 95% Breviscapinum. When you take one of our capsules, you have the benefit of knowing exactly what you are putting into your body, and you can enjoy knowing that you’ll receive the maximum benefits that you need for maintaining your health. You’ll also want to look for these specifications that let you know that you are getting a quality supplement.

  • GAP Cultivation
  • Independently verified quality standards
  • GSP Logistic and Warehousing
  • FDA-Compliance

In addition to meeting the standards that the FDA outlines, Farlong includes our own regulatory processes for testing the supplements we offer to the public. Keeping our supplements free of artificial ingredients and unnecessary filler ingredients maintains the potency of this herb while reducing the risk of introducing unhealthy substances to your body. With our supplements, what you see on the label is what you get, which is what you should expect from anything you choose to use to maintain your health.

Recently, Farlong Nutraceutical adopted the plants notoginseng and Lifeflower® through the American Botanical Council’s Adopt-An-Herb program. Through our adoption of these beneficial herbs, we hope to assist ABC with continuing its scientific and clinical non-profit research into the potential uses for these herbs and how they can benefit human health. Partnering with other science-minded organizations allows us to pool together our resources to help create even more effective natural herbal supplements that bring the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine to our customer’s modern doors.


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