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The History and Origin of Notoginseng

Modern medicine seems to be constantly coming out with new medical treatments that are beneficial for treating various conditions. While these advancements are significant, it is also essential to know that some of the best ways to manage your health come from far back in human history.

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If you were to step back centuries into the past, you could quickly come across the use of notoginseng among healers and other practitioners of ancient medicine. This is because the root naturally grows in the wilderness. Its use can be attributed to the discoveries that some of our most ancient ancestors made when they only had the option of using natural medicine.

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When you hear about people using this supplement, you might be curious about what has happened over the past centuries to bring us what you can find in powder-form today. The history and origin of the use of this root is just as fascinating as the idea that ancient knowledge became the building block for modern scientists to use to help people maintain their health.

When and Where Was Notoginseng First Discovered?

Due to the extensive use of this root for improving heart health, it is impossible to attribute its use to a single discoverer. However, it is known that descriptions of using the root can be found in ancient medicinal texts. One of the most famous Chinese herbalists even once described the root as being more valuable than gold because it can be beneficial for every system in the body.

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The plant Panax notoginseng grows naturally in Japan and China, and it can also be farmed and cultivated much like other types of plants. The Chinese people often refer to the plant as the three-seven root because it has three leaves on one side and four on the other. At the top of the plant, you’ll see dark leaves and berries, but it is the root that is prized in Chinese medicine.

No one knows precisely how the ancient herbalists found out how to optimize the use of the root, but the top of the root has notches in it that tell the age of the plant. It is currently understood that roots three years of age or older tend to be the most potent, which is why modern farming and cultivation techniques are so critical to the manufacturing process of a heart health supplement that contains this root powder as an ingredient.

Traditional Chinese herbalists often divided their medicine into categories based upon energy. With this root, they described it as being neither hot nor cold. Although the medicine derived from this root had many uses, one of the most common was to create a paste to paint the skin to help heal swelling and boils.

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What Does Modern Research Say About Notoginseng Benefits?

Over the years, many researchers have dug into what makes this root so powerful and the many ways that it can be used. However, some of those findings haven’t yet been translated into English. Fortunately, modern researchers frequently document their findings in multiple languages so that people all over the world can benefit from their knowledge. Today, we know that the root contains saponins and flavonoids that are active in the body. Several of these saponins have been further studied to reveal that they affect a person’s energy levels and may support healthy hormone production.

In 2021, a study was published that documents scientists’ work on identifying the geographical origins of the root by using the multi-wavelength fusion method. This method also helped researchers further isolate flavonoids, saponins, and two amino acids that explain why the root is so beneficial for human health.

Research to this point has also been heavily focused on how the root powder can be used to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Not only does the root have anti-coagulating effects that make it ideal for reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks, but it can also help to curb excessive bleeding in people who experience a traumatic injury. From our modern researcher’s discoveries, we know that the root can benefit people’s health:

  • ease chest pain from angina
  • stop excessive bleeding
  • prevent blood clots
  • minimize swelling and bruising
  • support proper blood flow to the body’s organs

With coronary artery disease being one of the leading causes of death globally, identifying new, natural treatments that generate fewer side effects compared to other medicines such as statins yields great promise for improving the lives of millions of people. In addition to saponins helping maintain better heart health, researchers have also found polysaccharides that may have a positive effect on the immune system along with anti-tumor qualities.

What Are Researchers Exploring for the Future?

New studies are attempting to isolate more of the components that are found in notoginseng to apply them to new uses. For example, one study is currently exploring how the root could help treat HIV infection. A unique enzyme called xylanase has recently been discovered in the plant, and it seems to be able to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase process. This has the potential to stop the virus from invading the chromosomes of human cells. While it will take time before we know if the root is entirely successful for treating diseases such as HIV, it yields high promise for being included in more treatments in the future.

Is It Safe to Use Supplements With This Ingredient?

Most people can use supplements containing notoginseng powder safely. However, it is best for pregnant women to avoid using it due to its effects on blood flow within the body. Since the root has anti-coagulant effects, people who take certain medications such as blood thinners may also need to avoid the root. As with any supplement, it is best only to use powders manufactured using stringent standards to ensure that they are free of unnecessary contaminants and that you enjoy the full notoginseng benefits. Fortunately, most people can safely use products containing notoginseng. Adding it to your health regimen can help you enjoy having more energy, helping make your workouts more productive, and getting the blood pumping throughout your body.

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The use of this root may hearken back centuries, but we have all of the advantages that modern technology can provide to make it even more effective than when it was used in Chinese medicine. Farlong Nutraceutical is vertically integrated with GMP manufacturing facilities and GAP cultivation and plantation standards. Knowing that your notoginseng powder is made with purity and effectiveness in mind makes it possible to supplement your diet without adding unnecessary chemicals to your body.

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