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Panax Notoginseng: Health Benefits, Uses, And More

Natural plants often contain components that are beneficial for helping people to take care of their health. While you can find many different plants included in supplements today, one of the most interesting to try is Panax notoginseng. Although it shares a similar name as ginseng, you’ll want to remember that these two aren’t the same thing. In fact, diving into exactly what makes this plant so unique and helpful for people who are working on maintaining their health can help you determine how and when to include it in your healthy living plan.

What Is Panax Notoginseng?

At its simplest form, it is a naturally growing plant that Panax notoginseng extract and companies use to create the supplements. Although the flowers, leaves, and roots can also be used for therapeutic purposes, it is the root that is harvested the most often to make supplements. This is because most of the health-boosting components are contained in the root, and using this part of the plant helps create the most potent powders for teas and capsules.

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The powder from this plant has many uses. You’ll find people using the plant to help with any or all of the following types of ailments:

  • slowing excessive bleeding such as with nosebleeds
  • maintaining good blood pressure
  • easing swelling and inflammation
  • increasing energy levels and concentration

How Is It Cultivated and Processed?

You can find this plant growing naturally in many places throughout the world, and it even grows in the United States. The plant thrives in the humid forests of China. Still, it takes anywhere from five to seven years for each new one to reach the maturity needed for harvesting the root. This is why you’ll find that a Panax Notoginseng extract manufacturer’s plan typically begins with establishing farming practices that allow for the plants to continuously be seeded and harvested in cycles that allow for a steady stream of usable parts.

Once the plants are cultivated, it is important for the roots and other parts to be processed using only the highest standards in the industry. Trying to cut corners can not only lead to potential health risks, such as exposing someone to toxic chemicals, but it can also cause the resulting powder to be ineffective due to lower potency.

When you are interested in trying this popular health supplement, it is critical to check into a supplier’s credentials to ensure that they follow the best practices for cultivating and harvesting the plants. For instance, you’ll want to make sure that they comply with GMP standards.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Using the Supplement?

A Panax notoginseng supplier in the U.S. typically focuses on helping to spread the word about how beneficial this supplement is for cardiovascular health. When taken in the proper amounts, notoginseng might help open up the blood vessels in the body, so that blood flow goes smoothly. This can potentially have the effect of helping to prevent blood clots in people who are in good cardiovascular health, which might have the added benefit of aiding in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Maintaining good blood flow through your body helps with every essential process. Your brain needs proper blood flow to think clearly and send and respond to signals sent from your nervous system. Your lungs even need blood flow to help transfer the oxygen that you breathe to the rest of your body’s organs.

As blood flow is established at normal levels in your body, you’ll notice that you have an improved sense of stamina and energy that makes exercising easier. Many people also report that they experience anti-aging effects such as having more youthful, rosy skin that enhances their appearance.

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What Are the Differences Between Raw Vs. Cooked Powder?

Many people are familiar with Panax notoginseng, but they pause when it comes to choosing between raw and cooked powder. In Chinese medicine, it is understood that the plant has qualities in its raw form that are ideal for helping to stop bleeding and improve blood circulation. However, you should know that raw powder still must go through an essential process to make sure that only purified powder makes its way into the supplements.

A reputable Panax notoginseng supplier starts by deep cleaning each harvested plant and drying it out completely to remove any immediate impurities that exist in the leaves, flower, and root. Next, the harvested root goes through a low-temperature mill that uses air to help dry out the plant and prepare it for being put into the supplement form.

The cooked powder goes through similar preparation processes to ensure that it is clean and free of impurities. The plant then goes through a high-temperature cooking process that changes some of the chemical components in the root that impact your overall health. In some cases, components are reduced, but the high heat can also bring out desirable qualities in the plant. For instance, cooked Panax notoginseng is effective for nourishing the blood. It may have a positive impact on improving fatigue and low immunity. Remember that these qualities are most noticeable when you also implement other healthy lifestyle changes.

What Are the Signs of a Reputable Panax Notoginseng Supplier?

Pharmaceutical-grade notoginseng extract powder isn’t something that you can find just anywhere. When it comes to anything that you put into your body, it is worth doing your research to make sure that it is made with extreme care from the moment that the first seeds hit the ground until the product arrives at your home.

Companies that take a seed-to-finish approach are more likely to catch issues along the line so that they can be corrected before they lead to problems with a natural health supplement. You also want to look for a company that has been actively manufacturing and supplying Panax notoginseng supplements for many years. Longevity is a sure sign that the company has continued to meet industry standards and develop a satisfied customer base.

Although it may get complicated, there are a few ways to check for authenticity in health supplement products. For instance, companies that put their products through third-party testing in addition to establishing their own high standards for manufacturing their products are more likely to develop and sell quality supplements that live up to their label. As a final note, you want to make sure that the company meets the U.S. FDA standards. Knowing that what you put in your body is free of heavy metals and chemicals lets you feel good about the changes that you are making in your lifestyle.

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