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Herb Prescription Fulfillment Dropship Service

Farlong Full-Spectrum Concentrated Granules are produced from pharmaceutical-grade authentic raw materials using an innovative full composition industrial process that combines traditional herb processing methods with the most advanced techniques, thereby ensuring that all decoction ingredients are transferred to Full-Spectrum concentrated granules while achieving greater levels of stability and clinical effectiveness.

Full-Spectrum Single Herb Granules

We identified the most appropriate way for each materia medica to be cooked, either individually or together, so as to ensure that its granule extract is equivalent in effect to that when used in a combined decoction. The application of patented production technology and advanced quality control methods (including infra-red fingerprint spectrum techniques) makes these granules the optimum response to modem demands for effective and convenient solutions. 

More Reliable

Infrared (IR) quality standard system has been adopted to monitor the overall manufacturing process of our Full-Spectrum Granules to ensure that all sourced raw materials and intermediate and finished products strictly comply with the controlling indicator standard so that the required premium quality is maintained for all products. 

More Effective

Each granule has been tested hundreds of times through numerous clinical trials on patients, offering a clear demonstration of product safety and efficacy. The company has a standing commitment to studies into the maintenance of quality standard and the ongoing improvement of production technology.

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