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About Us

Our Company

Farlong Pharmaceutical was incorporated in California in 1998. It is a vertically integrated herbal ingredient and supplement company who has its own GAP certified cultivation base, GMP certified manufacture facilities and distribution channels for its herbal and dietary ingredients and supplements. Farlong also co-own and supplies to Acupuncture Corporation of America - a franchised acupuncture clinic chain that has over 25 acupuncture clinics across the U.S. 

The services that Farlong is offering are:

  1. Dietary Supplements

We have over 20 condition-specific “Made in the U.S.” dietary supplements to improve the health of joint, heart, brain, detox, digestive, immune system, anti-aging, anti-oxidant.

  1. Botanical Formulations for Professional Use Only (Capsules and Granules)

We have over 50 condition specific granules and capsules that are distributed via the practitioner’s networks, such as the nature partners and acupuncture today, etc.

  1. Chinese Classic Formula (Pills)

We have over 100 condition specific traditional Chinese classic formulas that are distributed via the practitioner’s networks.

  1. Herb Dispensing Service

We have six herb dispensing centers across the U.S. from New York, Maryland, Florida, San Jose to Los Angeles, providing herb prescription fulfillment service to the practitioners and patients. We have over 300 concentrated single herb granules in stock.

  1. Dietary Ingredients

We are vertically integrated for the best brain and heart botanical ingredients -Notogensing (SanQi) and Lifeflower® Breviscapine. We supply these ingredients to nutraceutical R&D, manufactures and dietary supplement product brands.

Quality is always our top priority!

Every single one of our products were made at a GMP certified manufacturer facility which follows the strict cGMP standard. The products are not only coming with the factory’s self-certified CoA (Certificate of Analysis), but also are verified by the third party independent laboratory in the U.S. We ensure all quality measurements, especially the heavy metal and pesticides residuals are meeting the U.S. FDA standards.

Our Logo

The Meaning

The middle symbol of the logo represents the Chinese character of "川" which means rivers and streams of running water. It symbolizes perpetual streams of running water as the continually renewing source of life. At the same time, it represents far and long. It signifies positive energy and the flowering of the business.

Our Partners


Acupuncture Corporation of America