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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The recent tridemic that involved Covid-19, the flu, and RSV spreading throughout the United States has brought the importance of a robust immune system back to the forefront of people’s minds. While you can do everything you can to avoid contact with germs, the truth is that you can’t always prevent yourself from being exposed at work, in a store, or even by your immediate family.

The body’s immune system is comprised of a complicated system of organs, proteins, cells, and special chemicals that all work together to ward off invading germs. When your immune system is strong, you should feel more energy and recover quickly from minor injuries. In many cases, your body will fight off germs before you even start to feel sick.

A weakened immune system doesn’t always give you signs until you end up with the symptoms of a serious illness. However, feeling easily fatigued, experiencing frequent infections, or having trouble controlling autoimmune conditions such as diabetes are signs that you might need to boost your immune system.

The best ways to build a stronger immune system are all-natural, and you can use these strategies to increase your body’s ability to fight off those germs that still seem to be circulating this season.

Put a Water Bottle By Your Bed
Hydration is critical for helping your body flush waste products and harmful pathogens. Most people don’t drink enough water throughout the day, and you can counteract this problem by starting your day with a full drink. Putting a water bottle by your bed helps you to stay hydrated if you wake up thirsty at night.

Plus, seeing the water bottle by your bedside reminds you to rehydrate as soon as you wake up. Then, remember to also drink a glass of water when you take your anti-aging supplement to round out your new plan to stay hydrated for a more robust immune system.

Stimulate Your Immune System With Exercise

bee propolis

Shaking off a cold could be as simple as moving your body more. Regular exercise helps to get the blood pumping through those vital parts of your immune system, such as the lymph nodes and bone marrow. This has the effect of helping to filter out impurities from your bloodstream, and filling your immune system with healthy white blood cells helps them to attack those unwanted invaders.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to over-stress your body by suddenly adding extreme workouts to your day. Instead, start with walking, swimming, or other low-impact exercises. Then, gradually add strength training and longer workouts once you’ve built up your endurance.

Use Immunity-Boosting Supplements
Vitamin C is a strong natural antioxidant that you’ll find in a variety of supplements that are designed for immune support. You might also find herbal blends that include echinacea, black elderberry, and ginger. Reishi and cordyceps mushrooms are additional ingredients in supplements that help to strengthen your immune system. You may also want to explore the potential benefits of a substance harvested from beehives.

Bee propolis is a resin-like material that honeybees create to seal and protect the nest cavities of their hive. While most people don’t think about eating honey, they often overlook the many benefits of this natural substance. The use of bee propolis for preventing infections goes back to ancient Greece and China, where people regularly used it as a normal part of their natural medicine. The substance can be applied topically to address skin infections and irritation, but most people find it even more beneficial when it is contained in natural herbal supplements.

Eat Foods That Improve Your Gut Health

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The average person’s gut microbiome is typically off balance, and needing to take antibiotics can further disrupt your body’s ability to maintain the proper levels of good bacteria. Pre and probiotics are good types of bacteria that hang out in your gut to help fight off potential pathogens. While many things influence the gut microbiome, you have some control over what goes into your system.

Adding a few new foods to your diet can help you overcome problems such as a leaky gut that bogs down your immune system. Try exploring ways to include these foods into your diet plan to maximize one of your body’s most essential components of a healthy immune system.

  • yogurt
  • pickled beets
  • sauerkraut
  • kimchi
  • kefir

Reduce Your Reliance On Processed Foods
That bag of chips might seem appealing when you’re rushed on time and need to satisfy your appetite, but it can actually backfire if you make processed foods part of your regular daily diet plan. Processed foods often contain chemicals that are toxic to your body. When your body has to spend all of its time clearing out toxins, it has less energy to use to fight off germs.

Processed foods also lack the vital nutrients your body needs to weather an onslaught of germs. To avoid eating so many processed foods, consider trying food prepping at home. Having freshly cut-up vegetables makes it more likely that you’ll prepare a home-cooked meal when you are tired, or you can always opt for a salad. During those times when you might need to eat out or heat a frozen meal, remember to take a supplement that replaces the vitamins you missed.

Drop Unhealthy Habits

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Smoking, drinking and using street drugs introduce chemicals into your body that aren’t good for your health. Like eating too much junk food, your body must work hard to remove the toxins these habits introduce into your system. These unhealthy habits are also linked to higher levels of inflammation in the body, leaving you more vulnerable to germs. If you can’t quit cold turkey, reach out for professional support that helps eliminate toxic behaviors from your life.

Practice Good Hand Hygiene
If you can still hear your parent or teacher’s voice reminding you to wash your hands, then you can thank them for doing you a service by instilling positive health habits. Many common illnesses are transferred from one person to another by simply touching your germ-infested hands to your mucus membranes. Try to remember to wash your hands after you visit public spaces where you’ve touched doorknobs, a touchpad, or other shared objects. If you won’t be near a sink, pull out the hand sanitizer and keep your hands away from your face.

Find Ways to Get More Sleep
Burning the midnight oil can leave your immune system burned out. If you find yourself distracted by work or other responsibilities at night, look for ways to get things done during the day. Or, you might be struggling with insomnia. As you age, hormonal changes can make falling or staying asleep harder. Natural herbal supplements can help your body relax better at night, and you might also need to add room-darkening shades to your bedroom setup.

When it comes to boosting your immune system, Farlong Nutraceutical is right here and ready to help you meet your goals. In addition to our gut health supplements, we’ve also formulated a bee propolis immunity booster with a 100% all-natural extract. Adding this complex blend of bioflavonoids, vitamins, and essential oils to your daily routine gives you the ability to take advantage of a potent supplement that helps you stay strong and healthy, even in the height of flu season.

bee propolis

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