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Mushrooms and Supporting Your Immune System

The natural world is filled with amazing plants that are all perfect for helping you to build and maintain better health. While food trends tend to come and go, there are a few staple items that seem to always be popular among the people who know how to use them for improving their health. Goji berries, garlic and notoginseng root have long been touted for their health-boosting qualities, and you’ve likely even tried some of these before. Out of all of the amazing food options that you have at your fingertips, you’ll also want to note that mushrooms are at the top of the list.

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Mushrooms have been used since the dawn of time for their medicinal properties. Long before modern medicine came along, people brewed teas and mixed dried and fresh mushrooms into their meals to help care for people who were ill in their community. Today, people know a lot more about mushrooms than our ancestors did, and you can feel confident about adding them to your health care regimen to take advantage of their immune-boosting properties. Supporting your immune system is easy when you understand how these natural herbal supplements that contain mushrooms can enhance your current healthy lifestyle.

What Are the Immune-Boosting Benefits Provided by Mushrooms?
Understanding how mushrooms support your immune system requires diving into the science behind their health-boosting properties. There are many different types of mushrooms that grow in the wild, and those that are known for providing the best benefits for your health have special polysaccharides that are called beta-glucans. While these may have a complicated name, they serve a very important job. When you eat a mushroom, the beta-glucans bind to important receptor sites on your immune system’s cells where they help to activate them to be alert for signs of inflammation that can lead to illness.

Do Mushrooms Provide Other Benefits for Your Health?
Mushrooms are also known for having an impact on other parts of your body. They contain over 400 different known nutrients, and filling your body with as many vitamins and minerals as possible can help you to keep your immune system functioning at full capacity while also helping you to maintain your bone health.

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Mushrooms also have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. This can help to purify your bloodstream so that fewer toxins flow through your vessels and arteries. Over time, reducing the amount of toxins that enter your blood stream can have a positive impact upon your heart health. These are just a few additional benefits that you can enjoy from adding more mushrooms to your diet.

  • maintain lower blood sugar levels
  • keep your blood pressure at an optimal reading for your age and general health
  • prevent cell damage
  • reduce your risk for developing heart disease or diabetes
  • improve your energy levels
  • keep your hormones balanced

Understand How All of Your Body’s Systems Are Connected
The ability that mushrooms have to provide benefits throughout your body helps you to enjoy a state of positive wellbeing that impacts many of your body’s different systems. It is important to understand that your body needs to stay within a stabilized state that allows each system to work together. Once one part of your body gets out of balance, it can then begin to impact the other systems. For instance, having too much inflammation in your body causes your immune system to work harder. This takes energy away from other body systems that need to be able to do their jobs.

You can see this effect occur if you’ve ever had your blood pressure increase during a respiratory illness. Trying to fend off an infection strains every part of your body, which makes it better to avoid getting sick in the first place. Essentially, your heart health depends upon you making lifestyle changes that help to keep your immune system strong.

Maximize the Effects by Using Different Mushrooms

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With so many mushrooms growing naturally throughout the world, one of your biggest questions may be how to find the right ones. After all, there are a few species out there that are poisonous or could cause psychedelic effects. The possibility of eating the wrong mushroom is a good reason to leave the growing and selection process to the professionals. Instead of worrying about what you are ingesting, you can feel good about your choice when you take natural supplements.

You also want to avoid the trap of only eating one type of mushroom since different species have varying properties. The best supplements include a blend of mushrooms such as cordyceps and reishi. Putting these two types of mushrooms together helps to increase the power of their properties so that you can quickly begin to support your immune system and bone health.

Learn How to Incorporate Mushrooms in Your Cooking
Fresh and dried mushrooms both offer a wonderful way to add more flavor to your food while also increasing the nutrients that you get as you eat. Shiitake mushrooms are commonly found in grocery stores, and they have compounds that are known for helping to boost your immune system. You can add shiitake mushrooms to many of your favorite recipes without making any major changes. They can also be made into a vegetarian-friendly bacon substitute that has tons of flavor without loading you down with unhealthy animal fats. Trying out different mushroom recipes is a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon and is likely to result in you making a few amazing discoveries.

Know How to Get the Benefits If You Don’t Like Mushrooms
You might be reading this and wondering what to do if you don’t particularly love the flavor of mushrooms. Many people find that certain types of mushrooms don’t have a strong flavor, and looking for these types can make it easier to include them in your favorite recipes. You might also prefer to drink mushroom tea that doesn’t have the same textures that you experience with eating them fresh. Or, you might want to try to remember that having one bad experience in the past doesn’t mean that you don’t like them now. People’s tastes can change over time, and you might love them now if you give them a try.

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If you still don’t find them appetizing, then you’ve got the option of using immune system supplements instead. Natural mushrooms are ground into a powder that is used to fill veggie capsules that you can simply swallow with your meals. Then, you get all of the powerful benefits for helping your body fight off diseases without having to worry about the taste.

Boost the Effects by Making Other Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Even the strongest natural herbal supplements can only do so much. You can enhance the benefits that you receive from adding mushrooms to your health care regimen by making sure to limit your body’s exposure to toxins. As you go out in public, continue to do your part to avoid people who are ill and make sure to wash your hands. Then, load your plate with superfoods that help you to stay strong when you do get exposed to an occasional germ.

The immune system supplements that Farlong Nutraceutical offers are made using real, natural mushrooms that have been carefully cultivated and harvested to align with our standards for purity. Whether you want to increase the benefits that you enjoy from the mushrooms that you already eat or are trying them for the first time, you’ll love having a handy way to boost your immune system when cold and flu season arrives.

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