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IN THE NEWS: Farlong Announces Results of Heart Health Study

Walnut, CA—Farlong Pharmaceutical has announced the results of a study examining the effects of its branded notoginseng extract on cholesterol and blood pressure.

The randomized, placebo-controlled, triple-blind study was published in Current Nutraceuticals Journal. It was performed on 95 healthy adults.

The study demonstrated that Farlong NotoGinseng supplementation improved blood pressure, significantly lowered serum LDL cholesterol, and slightly raised serum HDL cholesterol. 17.5% of those in the treatment group saw improvement in all three CVD risk factors, compared to 5% of those on placebo, by week 12. It was well-tolerated.”

Read the entire feature in Whole Food Magazine here.

About Farlong Pharmaceutical

Farlong Pharmaceutical specializes in all natural supplements, including heart health supplements, supplements for hormone balance, notoginseng, womens health supplements, saw palmetto, and more. You can shop all of Farlong’s products here.

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