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How to Increase Libido Naturally

Natural Ways to Increase Libido

Libido is simply another word used to describe sexual interest or desire. Most people develop their libido after going through the hormonal changes that occur with puberty. It is normal for your sexual appetite to fluctuate slightly throughout various stages in your life. Most people find that their libido is highest during their reproductive years, and it tends to wane with aging.

While there isn’t technically an average level for libidos to stay at, you should feel as though your sexual desire is enough to keep you and your partner satisfied. If you find that your libido suddenly takes a dip, you can use these strategies to help it increase naturally.

Start By Getting Enough Sleep
If the first thought that hits your head as you enter the bedroom is a good night’s sleep, then it is possible that you are just tired. Sexual activity requires energy, and getting in the mood requires a positive attitude that might be lacking if you’ve been up all night. Take a moment to assess your current sleep routine. If necessary, make some adjustments to improve the length and quality of your sleep. Going to bed earlier, reducing background noise, and leaving your electronics out of the bedroom can all help you be in the mood to get some snuggling time in before you go to sleep.

Get Energized With Notoginseng


Poor heart health can drag your libido down by affecting the blood flow to your sexual organs. Men who struggle with maintaining an erection may find that supplements containing notoginseng could make it easier to achieve and sustain physical arousal. The herbal supplement also has the effect of stimulating more energy, which could make it easier for you to get aroused after a long day at work or caring for your family.

Improve Your Relationship Outside of the Bedroom
Couples who spend quality time together are more likely to feel in the mood to get physical. Plan an exciting date night that allows you and your partner to reconnect, and remember to add a few opportunities for fun during other parts of your week. You could plan to give each other massages while watching your favorite television show, or you might decide to plan a romantic candle dinner for two on a random weeknight after work. Whatever you do to unwind, make sure that it is fun for you both, and you’ll soon start noticing your arousal rising.

Increase Sexual Desire With Maca Root
Maca root is among the most powerful natural herbal supplements that benefit both men and women. In addition to increasing sexual desire, it also has the benefit of helping to reduce the effects of hormonal fluctuations that occur during menopause. Maca root can help women maintain a positive view of their relationships by easing the symptoms of depression that can lead to a lowered libido.

The root may also help men maintain proper semen production and sperm counts that impact their fertility. For men trying to conceive, the benefits of using maca root can take some of the pressure off of them so that they are less stressed when trying to get in the mood. Whether you are a man or woman, the effects of maca root tend to be most noticeable after you’ve been using natural herbal supplements for one to two weeks.

Maintain Higher Stamina With Astaxanthin


Many cases of low libido happen after a person finds it hard to sustain sexual activity with their partner. Or, you might be putting off getting physical due to a complete lack of energy. Astaxanthin can help you maintain proper testosterone levels, which significantly impact your sex drive. The potent antioxidant also helps keep all of your body’s organs and blood flow functioning so that you have the energy you need to enjoy spending time with your special someone.

Ditch Excessive Drinking and Smoking
Wine is often included in romantic scenes, and a single glass can help you overcome inhibitions. After that, the benefits end. Excessive drinking affects your libido, making it impossible to get physically aroused due to changes in the blood flow to your genitals. Being inebriated can also impair your ability to feel your partner’s sensual touches to the point that foreplay is ineffective.

Smoking has a similar negative effect. Nicotine restricts your blood vessels, making it harder for your supplements to work on improving your circulation and energy levels. If you indulge in either of these bad habits, then cut back. Or, seek support for quitting if you find it hard to do on your own.

Eat Your Way to a Better Love Life

Natural Herbal Supplements

While you might need to supplement with astaxanthin since you won’t get enough of the antioxidant in your diet, some foods are readily available and known to act as aphrodisiacs. You’ll typically want to avoid fatty foods, but you could benefit from rich dark chocolate. Avocados, figs, and bananas are a few more well-known aphrodisiacs that are easy to add to that romantic meal for two. Additionally, just eating well overall helps your body benefit from various nutrients that promote a higher libido.

Learn to Love Your Body
Exercise is frequently recommended for couples trying to improve their love life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to achieve a perfect weight, but exercising can help you love your body more. Feeling confident in your own skin has a powerful effect on how you feel when your partner attempts to make a romantic move. Exercising is also linked to increased stamina and more regulated hormone levels, which also play a role in how high your libido is from day to day.

Infuse the Room With Essential Oils
When you’re setting the scene for romance, don’t overlook the importance of scents. Aromatherapy is another way that you can get in the mood for sexual activity. Jasmine is a known libido-booster. Neroli essential oil is beneficial for menopausal women since it helps regulate hormones and reduce stress levels. Adding these scents to a diffuser near your bed could help send signals to your brain that heighten your sexual attraction to your partner.

Talk to a Therapist
As a final note, you’ll want to remember that these strategies take some time. However, you should notice them working within a few weeks. If you still feel like your libido is low, then it might be worth talking to a therapist to find out if there is something deeper going on. Some people find it hard to get in the mood for sex if their mind is preoccupied with trauma, work stress, or relationship problems. Talking to a professional can help you clear your mind so that your other libido-boosting efforts work better.

You’ll want to use multiple methods to get your libido back on track for maximum benefits. Farlong Nutraceutical makes improving your personal life easier by providing natural herbal supplements designed specifically to boost your libido. Combining the top three all-natural ingredients known for improving sexual desire and stamina gives you a powerful boost for adding much-needed romance to your relationship.

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Natural Herbal Supplements

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