How Long Does is Take to Feel The Effects of Notoginseng?

Living with any health condition can often make it seem like it takes forever to feel better. Like many types of medication, supplements don’t typically provide immediate relief from all of your symptoms. However, you might notice the effects of using notoginseng faster than you might expect. A closer look at how our supplement works and its effects on your body can help you know when you can expect to see the most improvement in your overall health.

Where Does Panax Notoginseng Powder Come From?


Powders made from this herb begin as a beautiful plant that grows within various parts of the world. This herb is rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, meaning that people have been using it for thousands of years. Unlike many synthetic medicines, a Panax notoginseng supplier has the benefit of years of research to work with regarding the best ways to break down the plant to utilize each component for its highest potency.

The leaves, flowers, and fruit of the plant all have a place for creating natural herbal supplements for maintaining health, but it is the root that Farlong is most interested in for our products. The root of the plant contains saponins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, proteins, and amino acids that all potentially benefit your health.

There are two main types of notoginseng that you can use for your health. The first type is raw, which means the root is processed using low temperatures and an air-classifying mill after it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. The second type is cooked, which means it has been either fried or steamed at a high temperature. Steaming the root is preferable over frying when using the powder to address health concerns that include high cholesterol and other factors that impact heart health.

What Are the Benefits of Using Notoginseng Powder?

Panax notoginseng supplier

Both raw and cooked notoginseng have a positive effect on your body’s cardiovascular system. In its raw form, the herb is known for helping to decrease bleeding and promote efficient blood circulation. Many people find that its dilating effects on the circulatory system helps to stimulate healing and reduce chronic pain.

The cooked version of steamed powder can aid in the care of anemia and help to give you more energy that infuses your life with more vitality. At its essence, the root of the plant can help you achieve these benefits that could potentially positively affect multiple aspects of your health.

  • achieve proper blood pressure and lipid levels
  • potentially regulate your blood sugar
  • dilate blood vessels
  • assist with improving normal digestive functioning
  • reduce fatigue
  • give your immune system a boost

Can You Feel the Effects Immediately?
For most health conditions, it is best to begin working on your symptoms as soon as possible. It is only natural to want to feel the effects of this herb right away, and you might find it in some instances. Once the herb components make their way into your bloodstream, you might quickly feel the effects of having better energy levels, reduced pain, and a more regulated heart rate.

Usually, this happens within a few hours to a week. Other effects might take a little longer to appear. This is because promoting normal blood circulation sends more nutrients and oxygen to the different parts of your body to promote healing. If your body has been suffering from poor circulation for a long time, you’ll need to allow it to have a similar amount of time to begin rebuilding its normal processes.

An example of how well the herb works can be seen in a recent study on colitis. The benefits were seen sooner in test subjects that were provided with notoginseng early after the colitis was established. Although the test subjects that received the herb later after diagnosis did show improvement in their symptoms, it took a little longer. This could be attributed to the body’s tendency to create specific stabilization points. Using the herb will eventually change how your body works, but it takes consistent use of the powder to alter conditions such as high blood pressure and digestive disorders.

How Do You Achieve the Most Positive Effects?

Panax notoginseng supplier

Using a high-quality powder made from a reputable Panax notoginseng supplier is the best way to ensure that you are using a product in its most potent and purified form. When aiming for better health, you also want to avoid products containing fillers or chemicals that could impact the way the herb works within your circulatory system. Making sure that the supplement you take complies with GMP standards and is made using third-party testing helps to ensure that every bit that makes its way into your body is working to generate the most positive effects.

Can You Use the Supplement With Medications?
Many people who use this herbal supplement do so to manage health conditions that are also being treated with chemical-based medications. Many medications can be used with this supplement’s main ingredient, but you will need to be cautious about discussing your use of this herb with your doctor. Due to the dilating effects on the blood vessels in the liver, using notoginseng could cause certain medications to break down faster. Always consult your doctor before taking a new supplement of any type, but you will likely be able to use our powder safely without any negative interactions.

When Will My Health Stats Change After Using Supplements?
You can expect to feel better within a short time after beginning your supplement regimen. But you might still wonder when you can see the actual proof in your health stats. People who use the herb regularly tend to find that their blood pressure readings and cholesterol levels begin to show improvements. This positive effect on your health can take some time to show up, but you should be able to look forward to noticing beneficial changes over the next several weeks or months.

Keep in mind that you’ll notice changes in your health stats much faster when you combine your use of supplements with regular exercise and a healthy diet. The good news is that the increased energy you feel will make it easier to go out and take a walk or do some strength training. Plus, you’re much more likely to eat healthier when you feel well and are already noticing how plant-based supplements positively affect your overall health.

The earth is filled with an amazing array of plants that all provide benefits for improving your health. At Farlong Nutraceutical, we make achieving these benefits easier by putting some of the world’s most potent herbs into a convenient powder form that you can add to your standard daily health regimen. We take our role as a top Panax notoginseng extract supplier seriously by using GMP standards to maintain quality control that helps you to notice the benefits of using our supplements faster.

Panax notoginseng supplier

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