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How Can I Boost My Brain Health?

Farlong’s Supplement For Brain Health

The old saying that you can’t teach a dog new tricks simply isn’t true when applied to humans. The reason for this is that your brain is constantly changing. Scientists call the constant state of change neuroplasticity, and you can see it in action anytime you learn new information. As you go about your day, your brain creates new neural connections and bridges existing ones so that you can acquire new knowledge and think with greater efficiency.

While these processes are amazing on their own, neuroplasticity also allows you to improve your brain’s health at every stage of life. Naturally, newborns and young children have the most rapid brain changes, but you can use these strategies to boost your cognitive functioning even as an adult.

Enjoy a Morning Cup of Coffee

supplement for brain health

If enjoying your daily cup of coffee feels like a guilty pleasure, you can start changing your mindset to view it as a necessity. Coffee contains caffeine and antioxidants, which both help to improve brain blood circulation. People who drink coffee are known for having a reduced risk of developing neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, which is further enhanced when you combine your coffee with anti-aging supplements.

Just keep in mind that you don’t want to load your coffee with sugar and heavy cream that can reverse the benefits. Try using a natural sweetener or drink your coffee black. Over time, you’ll find that you develop a taste for coffee without a bunch of unnecessary additives.

Add More Fatty Fish to Your Diet
Feeding your brain is much better than starving it by dieting. While you usually don’t want too much fat in your diet, you can rest assured that the kind in certain types of fish is actually beneficial for your brain. Salmon is frequently mentioned as a fish high in omega fatty acids, but you can add albacore tuna, herring, and trout to your shopping list. Since over half of your brain is made up of fat, feeding your body healthy omega-fatty acids is a great way to help it replenish its nutritional needs.

Sprinkle Some Turmeric Into Your Food
Turmeric is frequently found in a supplement for better memory, and exploring how the spice impacts your body helps you to see why it is important to include it in your diet. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and it has several positive effects on your body that can help with brain health.

  • encourages the growth of new brain cells
  • eases the symptoms of depression
  • helps the brain clear plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease
  • reduces inflammation in the cerebrovascular system

Take a Supplement for Brain Health

supplement for brain health

Memory supplements are even easier to add to your daily routine than cooking healthier foods. Our Advanced Brain Support supplement contains brevascapine, which has natural benefits for increasing cerebrovascular activity. Your brain requires a steady flow of blood throughout the entire organ to help oxygen and nutrients get to the neurons. Most likely, you won’t find this natural herb in your regular diet, and a supplement helps you take advantage of its benefits without having to go to great lengths to find it.

Limit Your Use of Alcohol
Feeling foggy-headed after a night of heavy drinking clearly shows that your brain lacks hydration. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body that has a significant impact on brain functioning. In addition to being made up of fat, your brain also contains large amounts of water. Depriving it of water has similar effects as not getting enough oxygen to this region of your body. People who drink excessively also have a higher risk of developing dementia, which is an excellent reason to stick to only a glass of wine when you do decide to drink.

Protect Your Head From Injuries
Most parents wouldn’t think of letting their child ride their bike without a helmet, yet you’ll see many adults doing things every day that could damage their brain. If you ride a bike or motorcycle, then be sure to wear a helmet. The same applies if you do trail riding on an ATV or enjoy riding horseback. In fact, you should be wearing protective gear during any recreational activity that could cause you to fall or bang your head on nearby objects. Preventing traumatic brain injuries helps you to preserve your ability to think and reason as you age. Even minor brain damage can have a serious impact on your cognitive abilities.

Work On Lowering Your Stress Levels

supplement for brain health

You might’ve noticed that it is harder to come up with a reasonable answer to a question when you are on the spot. This is because the brain needs time to process information and focus on finding the right words to say. Being under stress takes valuable resources away from the brain. Not only does it constrict your blood vessels, but it can also cause you to breathe shallower. Both of these negative impacts can counteract all the good you are doing by taking a supplement for brain health. Try to remember to slow down and do things that nurture better mental health. Yoga, reading a book, or even enjoying a massage can all help you de-stress when you can’t seem to get a break.

Get Familiar With Your Health Numbers
No one really enjoys getting blood work done, but your doctor doesn’t request you to do so just for fun. During your annual physical, you can get vital information about your health, such as your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Depending upon your risk factors, you might also get screened for diabetes. If your numbers don’t fall within the normal range, then take your physician’s advice to heart. Following the treatment plan can help you get things back to more acceptable levels. Eating a healthy diet and exercising helps your heart, which adds to boosting your brain health.

Strengthen Social Connections
Chatting with your friends and family helps your brain to stay active. Each time you play a board game or reminisce about a special moment in the past, your brain has to fire up those critical neurons. You’ll also find that it is easier to stay motivated to care for your brain health when you know that there are people who care about you. Sharing a healthy meal or going for a stroll after dinner is two activities you can do to combine an active social life with your brand new brain-boosting lifestyle.

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Farlong Nutraceutical’s specially formulated supplement for brain health contains 200 mg of brevascapine, which is just right for maintaining your cognitive functioning. Now that you’ve got many ideas for boosting your brain health, it’s time to add them to your daily routine. Making small changes in your lifestyle is the best way to make them stick, and you’ll soon find that they all add up to big benefits for your overall well-being.

supplement for brain health

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