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Four Best Farlong Supplements for Women

Over the years, Farlong Nutraceutical has made it our mission to provide effective supplements that are known for supporting a healthy lifestyle. Many women today are focusing on maintaining good health so that they can enjoy spending years making happy memories with their family and friends. With women’s health, it is essential to pay attention to the different changes that occur during each life stage since fluctuations in hormones and the natural aging process impact your overall well-being.

Farlong’s Natural Supplements for Women

Young women may choose to use our supplements to reduce their risk of developing heart disease or painful joints in the first place. Older women may decide to use supplements to support their health through the aging process. Whether you are in your 20s or moving along in your golden years, you’ll find that these four supplements are the best ones for women to add to their health care regimen.

Heart Advanced Support


When you think about it, you wouldn’t get far without your heart pumping blood throughout your body. Over time, your heart health can begin to take a hit, especially if you develop high cholesterol that leads to fatty deposits accumulating in your blood vessels and arteries. Our heart health supplement is made using Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng extract that containing 75% of total saponins.

Recently, a study has shown that our heart health supplement may aid in fighting cardiovascular disease. This study showed that participants who used the supplement for 12 weeks experienced the notoginseng benefits of having better blood pressure and good cholesterol levels. Those who used the supplement also found that it was well-tolerated, which made it an easy way to work on improving their heart health.

Since most women won’t get enough of this herb in their diet, using a supplement is the best way to enjoy notoginseng benefits that promote good blood circulation in the body. All it takes is taking one capsule that contains 200mg of notoginseng extract about once or twice a day during a meal to begin feeling the effects of better heart health.



A sluggish colon can allow toxins to build up in your body, leading to a wide range of different ailments. Constipation is the first sign of a sluggish colon for many women, and you might need to use a supplement to help get things moving. Eliminating waste products from your body in an efficient manner allows you to feel lighter and know that toxins aren’t able to sit around in your body and start causing harm.

Ideally, women should use InnerPure® and a healthy diet to promote the proper digestion and elimination of the food they eat. Adding fiber to your diet by eating more fruits and vegetables helps this supplement work. Our supplement contains several herbs that include American ginseng and cistanche. These herbs promote healthy digestion along with blood circulation in your digestive system. While people often don’t talk about colon health as much as they do about their heart, you’ll find that focusing on improving your digestive processes helps to eliminate many common problems, such as bad breath and heartburn.

Women will also find that this supplement aids in weight management. If the food you eat sticks around in your system for too long, you’ll notice that you feel bloated and could be holding pounds of excess waste products in your body. Ensuring that the digestive process happens efficiently also helps protect your body from taking in too many calories, fats, and other substances that don’t promote good health. Since this product is made with natural ingredients, you’ll also enjoy knowing that it is gentler on your system compared to chemical laxatives and colon detox products.

Immune Booster Cordyceps+Reishi

heart health

Having a robust immune system is more critical now than it ever has been before. Women’s immune systems are often under constant attack by bacteria and viruses that they encounter during the everyday activities that they do in their lives. Being stressed can also cause your immune system to get run down, so you’ll want to add this vital supplement to your health care regimen.

The combination of cordyceps and reishi mushrooms supports good immune system health by increasing blood flow throughout your body’s systems to fight off diseases and cellular damage. Since you are likely to feel tired when your immune system is weak, this supplement can also infuse your body with more energy and an overall sense of well-being.

We’ve formulated our Immune Booster supplement to include ingredients that help you to counteract the effects of aging and slower blood circulation to your bones so that you may enjoy swift recoveries from injuries and illnesses. Having a strong immune system helps you to feel more confident as you go about your day, and you’ll find that fewer illnesses mean that you don’t have to take time off work or from caring for your family, which often leads to an endless cycle of stress.

While you might not be able to avoid encountering someone with a cold or the flu, you can make sure that your body is protected with a robust immune system that can fit those illnesses. Farlong’s supplement is also created to provide you with a full spectrum extract that includes cordycepic acid so that you enjoy all of the benefits possible without any unnecessary additives or toxins.

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At first glance, many women often think that they’ve never heard of this supplement. While the name may be complicated, its effects are not. You’ve also likely encountered this antioxidant as the red coloring you see in lobsters and crabs’ shells. You’ll need a supplement to get astaxanthin into your body because it is virtually impossible to get enough of it in your regular diet. Astaxanthin is even more potent than other antioxidants that you may strive to get in your daily diet, such as vitamin C. Farlong has also formulated our supplement to have a high potency level that helps you to get the most benefits possible.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy by adding this supplement to your health care plan.

  • protect your eyes from damage
  • give your immune system a boost
  • add an extra layer of protection against skin damage
  • support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • promote good joint health

If you are already familiar with how antioxidants work, you know that they help reduce cellular damage in your body. This can help you enjoy anti-aging benefits that promote healthy joints, eyes, and skin. You can use this supplement and others to enhance further the protective benefits of a healthy lifestyle for your heart and immune system. Being proactive about preventing the effects of aging on your body allows you to get the most out of life.

Since 1998, Farlong Nutraceutical has been providing high-quality supplements designed to help women support their health. Our seed-to-shelf manufacturing model is known worldwide for being effective at producing safe and natural supplements that women can rely on to be free of impurities. Using our supplements and other healthy lifestyle strategies can help you start feeling your best every day.

heart health

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