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Heart Advanced Support

  • Panax Notoginseng Root Extract (Notoginseng Total Saponins) Supports Healthy Heart and Cardiovascular System, and Promotes Healthy Energy Level Panax Notoginseng, belonging to the ginseng family, is one of the most widely used herbs in Eastern Medicine. For over six centuries, Asian herbalists have been using this plant for its abilities to promote blood circulation, stop bleeding, and support vital energy. Modern researches discover that the active compounds, saponins such as notoginsenosides and ginsenosides, have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant functions and can help people maintain a healthy myocadiac function and cardiovascular system. *

    • Heart Advanced Support is Farlong's top-selling herb supplement since 1998.
    • The active compounds help maintain healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels that already within normal ranges. *
    •  Improves physical endurance during exercise
    •  All-natural botanical supplement. *

    Supports Healthy Brain Blood Circulation*
    A healthy cerebral circulation is the foundation of healthy brain function. Although your brain is a small part of your body’s total weight, it requires a lot of energy to function. When this circulation is impaired, your brain can become damaged, resulting in conditions and disabilities related to neurological function. Breviscapine contains several flavonoids that can dilates blood vessels, reduces vascular resistance, and lightens thick blood. With enhanced brain blood circulation, you will experience increased clarity, and focus during your daily life.

    Promotes Nervous System Health*
    Breviscapine is clinically tested and used successfully for decades. Clinical trials and experimental researches show that it can improve clarity, focus, learning ability and cognitive health, and relieves mild memory loss associated with aging. Due to breviscapine’s properties of anti-inflammation and antioxidant, it helps protect not only the central but also the peripheral nervous system, promotes nerve regeneration, inhibits cellular oxidative stress and slows the effects of aging from free radicals.  


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