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August 06, 2018


From August 4th to 5th, the 4th American TCM Congress was held successfully in Seattle, WA. Two female Grand Masters of TCM from China, Dr. Bensky, and over 230 practitioners attended the congress.

As a sponsor, Farlong Pharmaceutical exhibited the Yunnan Wenshan Sanqi powder, Astaxanthin, Notoginseng, LifeFlower, InnerPure, and other dozens of proprietary condition-specific traditional Chinese medicine formulas, and received the attention and praise from the practitioners.

As a vertically-integrated company that actively supports the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in America, Farlong Pharmaceutical is equipped with facilities and services such as herb cultivation farms, production research and development facilities, and terminal sales channels. Farlong provides raw materials including notoginseng and scutellarin, classic and proprietary TCM formulas, Full Spectrum concentrated TCM granules and herb dispensary services, US-patented dietary supplements and other product lines. With the products of the highest quality, Farlong is dedicated to meet the needs of TCM practitioners.

8月4日至5日,第四屆美國中醫藥大會4th American TCM Congress在西雅圖成功舉辦,兩位女性國醫大師(全國僅5位)及著名學者Dan Bensky教授進行主題演講,230多位美中中醫針灸醫師參加,盛況空前。