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Literature Reviews

June 09, 2020

Literature Reviews 


Review evaluated the neuroprotective effects of medicinal plants in central nervous system pathologies, particularly traumatic brain injury. Among other medicinal plants, E. breviscapus showed a significant decrease in neuronal injury. Keshavarzi 2019


Systematic review and summary of research advances in the chemical constituents, pharmacological effects, and clinical application of Dengzhan Shengmai capsules, a TCM formula containing Erigeron breviscapus, Panax ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, and Schisandra chinenesis. [Article in Chinese] Mu 2019


A systematic review of the pharmacological effects of scutellarin, a flavonoid compound in E. breviscapus, including potential applications for heart and cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's disease, H. pylori infection, vascular complications of diabetes, and as an indicator of certain carcinomas. Chledzik 2018


Review of the the underlying pharmacological mechanisms in the cardioprotective effects of breviscapine, a crude extract of several flavonoids of Erigeron breviscapus, and elucidation of its clinical applications. Gao 2017


A review of the pharmacological and toxicological effects of Dengzhanxixin injection, extracted from Erigeron breviscapus. [Article in Chinese] Guo 2012


Before recognizing Erigeron breviscapus as a neuroprotectant for glaucoma, more research is needed. Comment on: Visual field protective effect of Erigeron breviscapus (vant.) Hand. Mazz. extract on glaucoma with controlled intraocular pressure: a randomized, double-blind, clinical trial. Velpandian 2010