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June 09, 2020


Cloned the full-length EbSRLK1 gene in a medicinal, self-incompatible Asteraceae species, Erigeron breviscapus, based on the transcriptome data, using RACE techniques. The EbSRLK1 protein expression is induced in self-pollinated but not in cross-pollinated E. breviscapus flowers. Zhang 2019


Correlation analysis between the transcript and metabolite profiles of methyl jasmonate (MeJA)-treated E. breviscapus at different time points indicated that chalcone isomerase (EbCHI) was the primary contributor to scutellarin accumulation during flavonoid biosynthesis. Chen 2018


Established a genetic transformation system for hairy root culture of Erigeron breviscapus. [Article in Chinese] Yu 2018


Assembly of a draft genome of Erigeron brevicapus using a combination of PacBio single-molecular real-time sequencing and next-generation sequencing methods on the Illumina HiSeq platform. Yang 2017


Established a transcriptome sequence resource for Erigeron breviscapus plants after methyl jasmonate treatment, revealing transcriptome re-programming upon elicitation. Several putative unknown genes involved in flavonoid metabolism were predicted. Chen 2015


Identified abundant candidate markers for genetic diversity study and genetic mapping in Erigeron breviscapus. [Article in Chinese] Chen 2014


Abundant genomic data for Erigeron breviscapus and the candidate genes involved in the biosynthesis and transcriptional regulation of scutellarin and chlorogenic acids were obtained, along with generation of genetic markers by identification of SSRs. Jiang 2014


Cloning and analysis of the full length of chalcone synthase. Correlation analysis results suggested that chalcone synthase gene expression has an important effect on the biosynthesis of scutellarin. [Article in Chinese] Liu 2013


Cloning of the full length cDNA encoding flavone synthase II gene in Erigeron breviscapus. Phylogenetic analysis showed that EbFS II might have the function of directly converting flavanone to flavone. [Article in Chinese] Zhang 2013


Analyzed the genetic diversity and breeding strains of Erigeron breviscapus germplasms to provide theoretical information for breeding. [Article in Chinese] Zhang 2013


Used random amplified polymorphic DNA and cluster analysis on 37 germplasm resources of Erigeron breviscapus collected from different locations. [Article in Chinese] Yang 2008