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Women Self Care Tips: Feel More Comfortable During Menopause

May 18, 2021

Women Self Care Tips: Feel More Comfortable During Menopause

Menopause is a natural stage that women go through as they age. Although women’s experiences with menopause tend to vary, you can expect to notice some definite changes in your body. The average age for women to hit menopause is around 51, but most people notice the symptoms beginning sometime in their mid-40s. 

 The ending of menstruation is the most obvious sign that menopause is occurring, but there are also years called perimenopause that can be filled with hot flashes, insomnia, and vaginal dryness. Whether you are eager to say goodbye to your periods or are a little apprehensive about what happens next, using this time to emphasize self-care helps you stay more comfortable.

 Start a New Exercise Routine

 Many women lament the weight gain that seems to accompany menopause. Although your changing hormones mean that it will be harder to lose weight, it is possible to stay within a healthy range with a little effort. If you haven’t been active, then now is a great time to take up new forms of exercise that also benefit your mind. Yoga is great for stretching sore joints, and it will help you to deal with stress better.

 Eat for Better Health

 The decrease in your progesterone and estrogen levels puts you at a higher risk for developing diabetes and heart disease. Cutting out unhealthy foods not only helps with weight management. It also helps you to stave off the fatigue and brain fog that many women feel during menopause. Fill your plate with lots of leafy greens and lean meats that give you more fuel as you go through your day.

 Promote Balanced Hormones With Supplements

 The main reason why menopause symptoms occur is due to major fluctuations in your hormone levels. As estrogen levels begin to decline, you may notice that your symptoms are stronger or more frequent. Natural herbal supplements that contain black cohosh and don quai are known for helping to support a healthy balance of hormone levels that helps you to regulate your mood and feel your best.

 Reclaim Your Old Hobbies

 Did you use to love painting as a kid? Or, did you always say that you would write a novel? Menopause also tends to occur at a time when you are dealing with other major changes in your life. You might be facing an empty nest as your kids leave home, or you may just be taking stock of how far you’ve made it in life. Picking up old hobbies, or exploring new ones, gives you a greater sense of purpose and helps you to relax.

 Change Your Skin Care Regimen

 Up until now, you might have skated by just washing your face each morning and night. Or, you might have always worried more about your skin having too much oil than dryness. Skin changes that occur with menopause can include dryness and unexpected rounds of acne. Adjust your skincare routine accordingly. You may need to use a heavier moisturizing cream at night to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Supporting more even hormone levels with supplements for menopause can help to minimize breakouts.

 Keep a Headache Diary

 Headaches can increase during the menopause transition, and you might find them happening even if you’ve never been prone to them before. Starting a headache diary can help you identify triggers such as hunger or caffeine. Once you track down what makes you worse, you’ll know where to make lifestyle changes that reduce their frequency.

 Prepare for Hot Flashes

 That feeling of warmth spreading across your face and down your neck can get mighty uncomfortable. Although it might feel like the whole world can see it, you may find it reassuring to know that most people aren’t noticing. You also have several ways to minimize their impact. Try dressing in lighter layers of clothing that are made from airy materials such as cotton. This allows you to take off a sweater if you feel a hot flash coming on. Keeping a portable fan nearby is also helpful if you aren’t able to control the temperature in your workplace.

 Increase Your Chances of Getting Better Sleep

 Hot flashes that occur at night can lead to uncomfortable night sweats. You’ll want to switch to lighter pajamas and consider layering on lightweight blankets that you can take off if you get too hot. Avoid alcohol before you go to bed since this can lead to you waking up in the middle of the night, and it increases the risk of your sweating. A bedside fan can help to keep air moving closer to your body so that you stay cooler.

 Embrace Life

 At the age when most women start menopause, you are probably facing new opportunities to invest time in yourself. Your kids are likely older, which means that you can finally go for a night out with your friends again. You may also have the ability to take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of or pursue a long-awaited goal. Choosing to focus on all of the amazing things that you can do in this new chapter of your life helps to keep your mind on the positive aspects of going through menopause.

 The menopause transition doesn’t have to be uncomfortable when you know how to put your health and happiness first. Farlong Pharmaceuticals has supplements for menopause that can help you breeze through these transitional years with greater confidence and comfort. Giving your body what it needs right now supports a smoother transition into your new life stage.