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Why Are Women Adding Dong Quai to Their Healthy Diet?

April 27, 2020

Why Are Women Adding Dong Quai to Their Healthy Diet?

Dong Quai is one of the most popular women's health supplements, mainly because of its wide array of benefits to most parts of the body, lending to its nickname of the "female ginseng." A member of the same botanical group as celery, dill, parsley, and carrots, it is commonly used by women with dry eyes and skin, dull and pale complexion, nail bed ridges, rapid heartbeat, blurred vision or a frail body. Even women in perfect health, however, can benefit from adding Dong Quai to their already-healthy diet, and here's why:


Menstrual Relief

 Women in China have used Dong Quai for thousands of years as a tonic for pelvic pain and other symptoms of irregular or intense menstrual cycles. In 1899, Merck brought the menstrual benefits of Dong Quai to the western world in the form of a drug called Eumenol designed to relieve menstrual pain. 


 A constituent of Dong Quai is known as ligustilide was found to possess antispasmodic properties, making it an effective reliever of menstrual cramps. In one 2004 study, 39% of women reported sufficient abdominal pain relief from Dong Quai to allow them to cease taking other painkillers, while 54% reported relief but still required supplementary painkillers. 


Menopausal Relief

 Several studies have found Dong Quai potentially useful in relieving and reducing hot flashes.


Pregnancy Issues

 Dong Quai may help reduce the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women, particularly those who have blood group incompatibility with their fetus. 


Pain Relief

 In addition to pain from menstruation and menopause, Dong Quai has also been found effective in relieving pain from other causes, in part due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Dong Quai has shown promising results in treating osteoarthritis, based on initial research. In 2014, a study found it inhibited the breakdown of human and rat cartilage caused by osteoarthritis. In 2018, a study found a polysaccharide in Dong Quai was able to reverse osteoarthritis-related oxidative stress in human cells. 


Other Dong Quai Benefits

 Dong Quai may also be useful in restoring the following health conditions to more normal levels:

  • High blood pressure
  • Ulcers
  • Psoriasis and skin discoloration
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Allergies


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