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Where is Panax Notoginseng Sourced From?

July 25, 2019

Where is Panax Notoginseng Sourced From?

Herbal supplements begin as natural plants that are cultivated for their unique properties. Naturally, you want to know that the plants that are used to create your herbal formulas are grown using stringent attention to the best practices for creating a natural and safe product. Although people have been using Panax notoginseng for many years, it has only become recently that science has made it possible to create products such as fine powders and capsules that you can use to support better health. As you begin to explore the benefits offered by the plant, you can use this information to make sure that the supplement you choose is sourced from a reputable Panax notoginseng supplier in the U.S.


Benefits of Panax Notoginseng

This plant is one of the most widely renowned for its unique properties that support a natural lifestyle. In ancient Chinese medicine, the plant is classified as being warm. This means that it is believed to help stimulate blood and energy flow throughout the body. Supplements that are made from this plant are known for being helpful to support healthy blood circulation and heart functioning. The use of natural supplements made from herbs such as this one can help you to enjoy greater vitality that aligns with a healthy lifestyle.


Areas Where the Plant Grows

Like many natural herbs, this plant grows best in the wild. In areas of the world where it grows naturally, you will find it in woodsy environments, and it often grows in soil where other plants such as poplar trees and ferns grow. Although China is where the plant is most known for growing, it is possible for the plant to be cultivated and grown in the United States. To grow the plant at home, you must be prepared to wait five to seven years for the roots to be ready for harvesting. The length of time that it takes for the plant to reach full maturity is one reason why it is so highly valued, and it is also why it is best to use a Panax notoginseng supplier in the U.S. rather than try to grow the herb on your own.


Importance of Quality Control

As with anything that you put into your body, you want to know that it comes from sources that value using the best practices for cultivation. Quality products made with this herb should not contain high levels of chemicals that counteract your desire to use natural medicine. Instead, you want to make sure that you choose products with this plant that are free of pesticides and heavy metal residues. Our products are made using quality control tests that ensure that you know exactly what you are getting when you use a supplement for better health.

Farlong traces the cultivation of Panax notoginseng from the very first planting of the seeds to the final processes of creating our supplements. We believe that only the highest quality of herbs will provide the most suitable results, and you can trust that your supplements always adhere to the U.S. and international health and safety standards.