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Where Does the Notoginseng Root Grow? What Are The Benefits?

November 11, 2021

Where Does the Notoginseng Root Grow? What Are The Benefits?

You don't have to explore natural supplements for long before you eventually run across products that emphasize the many benefits of ginseng. People worldwide rely on this plant to promote good health, and you may be surprised to hear that notoginseng has ancient roots. The plant has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, which means that there has been plenty of time for people to learn more about how it works in the body and its benefits. Exploring how the plant is grown helps you to feel more confident about the decisions that you make for your health.

 Are There Different Types of Ginseng?

 There are several different species of ginseng, and they grow all over the world. Panax ginseng is native to China, Siberia, and Korea. You may occasionally hear it referred to as Chinese ginseng since this is where the majority of the plants used for supplements are grown. You can also find Panax quincefolius, which grows in the United States in Canada. It is typically found in mountainous regions where it grows wild. You'll want to keep in mind that the potency of varying types of ginseng can vary, so it is important to choose supplements made using farming and manufacturing processes that provide consistency in the products you use to maintain your health.


 What Is Notoginseng Used For?

 The word Panax is derived from the Greek word Panakeia, and the meaning is all-healing. This simple definition says it all when it comes to explaining why notoginseng is one of the most popular natural energy supplements. When turned into powdered form, the root is beneficial for helping people to maintain good cardiovascular health. Stimulating blood flow throughout the body helps every system function properly. Promoting good blood flow to the brain gets oxygen to your cells to think clearer and with greater accuracy. A rich flow of oxygenated blood to your heart also fills you with energy that makes it easier to exercise and stay productive.



 Where Does the Plant Grow?

 Although the plant grows worldwide, the majority of the plants that are farmed for supplements come from the cold and temperate regions of the Korean peninsula and North-East China. Our natural energy supplements start as seeds planted on our 6,000-acre farm, located in the mountainous region of the Yunnan province. A combination of sunlight, ideal temperatures, and rainfall amounts creates the right conditions to generate the highest active components in the notoginseng plant. 


 What Does the Plant Look Like?

 The notoginseng plant is a perennial shrub. The shrub is around 50 to 80 centimeters tall, and it has a unique turnip-shaped root with several branches. The general guideline for harvesting the root is within three to seven years after the seeds are planted. This means that it continues to grow year after year, and this process allows farmers to get the most yield from their harvests. You'll also note that the plant has dark green leaves with tiny flowers that surround red berries. If you choose to go looking for the plant in the wild, you'll want to keep in mind that many other plants may have a similar appearance. Since some natural plants may be poisonous, you'll want to avoid consuming wild roots unless you are absolutely certain that you know for sure that it is not ginseng. In most cases, it is easier and safer to take a supplement sourced from a reputable farming and manufacturing company.


 Is the Notoginseng Used In Supplements Wild or Cultivated?

 Having the opportunity to manufacture natural energy supplements that people rely on for maintaining their health is an honor. While some companies might try to source notoginseng from wild growing areas, this method is not considered safe or effective. Instead, most of the roots used to create supplements come from established farms where it is easier to maintain consistent quality among the different products. 

 Growing the plants on a farm allows for proper irrigation and fertilization methods that reduce the number of contaminants in the soil and make their way into the plant. The purer your notoginseng is, the better it will help to improve your health without providing you with any unwanted side effects. 


 What Is the Process for Growing the Plant for Supplements?

 The farming process for the plants is much like you would see with other fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Growing notoginseng begins with finding reputable farmers that are known for following strict industry protocols. The seeds are typically planted in nursery beds specially prepared to nurture the young plants as they sprout. Once the seeds sprout, the seedlings are then planted around October or November, allowing optimum growth. Planting the seedlings during their prime growing season allows them to soak up the most nutrients possible from the sunlight and soil. 

 After the plants have had an average of five to six years to mature, the roots are harvested. Following testing, the roots are then sent to the manufacturing plant, where they are processed and turned into the supplements that you use today. The farming process is so streamlined that every part of the plant is used. For instance, the leaves from harvested plants are shredded to be used as a natural fertilizer for the newly planted plants.

 What Are the Notoginseng Benefits?

 There are many reasons why people have used this supplement for thousands of years to maintain their health. The plant's root is filled with components that make it an effective heart health supplement for anyone who wants to maintain an efficient cardiovascular system. Taking the root in powder form helps to keep the blood flowing freely through your vessels so that it can reach each organ in your body. These are just a few of the most well-known notoginseng benefits for your health when you take the supplement regularly.

  • Help keep blood pressure at normal levels
  • Reduce fat accumulation within the blood vessels
  • Staunch unwanted bleeding both externally and internally
  • Promote a greater sense of energy and wellbeing

 To get the most from your heart health supplement, you'll also want to incorporate other essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to an exercise routine helps even more oxygenated blood get to your brain, and eating a low-fat diet helps keep your cholesterol at normal levels. Focusing on using supplements to enhance your other efforts at improving your health helps this excellent plant provide you with the most benefits. With notoginseng, the benefits become more noticeable over time, and they are more pronounced when you choose products that are grown using the best practices in farming.

Farlong Nutraceutical has always been committed to only sourcing their products using the best-known strategies for cultivating and harvesting natural plants. Our notoginseng powder is verified by a third-party independent laboratory in the U.S. to ensure that it meets standards for listing heavy metals and pesticides in the ingredients of products meant for human consumption. When it comes to your health, only trust natural supplements that come from a company that focuses on safety and quality.