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What are The Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Men?

January 19, 2020

What are The Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Men?

Saw palmetto is one of the most beneficial natural herbal supplements for men. A kind of palm tree native to the US southeast saw palmetto produces berries that are extracted into a powerful herbal supplement with a variety of valuable benefits to men across an array of bodily systems.


  1. Prostate Health

This supplement is among the most potent known supplements for prostate health. If you read the ingredient labels on most blends of supplements for prostate health, you'll see they almost all contain some amount of this supplement. As such, it may help prevent more serious problems associated with poor prostate health and performance, like BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), or an "enlarged prostate," and prostate cancer.


  1. Hormone Balance

This supplement helps men to retain the testosterone they produce, further enabling them to put it to work for uses like maintaining a healthy body composition, cognition, mood, and sex drive. This is particularly useful as men age and start to naturally produce less testosterone, which can lead to additional, more serious, problems like heart disease.


  1. Hair Retention

Saw palmetto has also been found effective in helping to prevent hair loss. The way it does this is by blocking an enzyme that converts the hormone testosterone into a different hormone that inhibits the ability of hair follicles to bind to the skin. This supplement may additionally help to prevent uptake of that new hormone, when it is produced, into the hair follicles, preventing them from causing those follicles to fall out. As such, this supplement is widely used by balding men and men genetically prone to male pattern baldness to stave off or slow down hair loss and retain what hair they have left. Multiple studies found it useful in not only preventing hair loss but in promoting hair growth as well.


  1. Urinary Health

This supplement has been found helpful in supporting the health and functioning of the genitourinary system, including avoiding urinary tract infections. Specifically, studies have found it effective in improving urine flow, reducing other urinary-tract symptoms associated with BPH, and increasing general quality of life.


  1. Anti-inflammation

Saw palmetto is also a potent anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can be associated with several different root causes, such as illness, injury, or toxicity. A powerful all-natural anti-inflammatory like this can help reduce and even eliminate that inflammation and, in so doing, allow the body's immune system and other natural mechanisms to kick in and heal the areas involved and restore proper, normal, healthy functioning.


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