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Welcome Back to the Roaring 20s! Start The Decade Right With Holistic Health

January 10, 2020

Welcome Back to the Roaring 20s! Start The Decade Right With Holistic Health

The 1920s were an energetic time that was full of rapid change. Back then, the economy was booming, and people enjoyed the benefits of living a lifestyle that was mostly free from chemicals and processed food. Now, we have the opportunity to enjoy another high energy decade, but it will take a little bit of work to do it right. Choosing to take a holistic approach to maintain your health helps you achieve the same benefits that the flappers did for being able to keep up the energy to dance all night.


Taking a Good Look at What Holistic Health Means

You'll often hear holistic health and natural health used interchangeably. However, they do mean two different things. Natural health simply involves using things that are found in nature to maintain a healthy body and mind. Holistic health often uses natural methods, but it also means thinking about how the whole body and spirit affect health. For instance, we all know that being under high amounts of stress affects the cardiovascular system. A holistic approach for maintaining good circulation may include strategies such as using a heart health supplement combined with meditation to help someone feel better.


Learning How One Change Leads to Another

With a holistic approach, you will notice that each change that you make builds upon the next. You may also notice that your health improves in ways that you might not expect. People often find that using natural health supplements helps to remove potential toxins from their diet that can cause them to feel run down or even sick. In the same way, exercising can improve your mental health, and eating better might help reduce inflammation that causes chronic pain. With the new decade coming, start to think about your body as a complex set of systems that all depend upon the health of the others to function well.


Understanding Why Quality Matters in Health Supplements

Natural herbal supplements help you get the nutrients and other essential compounds that your body needs for proper functioning when you can't get them from your regular diet. Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies use filler ingredients that don't do your health any favors. For instance, you'll often see titanium dioxide on supplement labels. This ingredient is found in a wide range of things such as deodorant. When it shows up in supplements, it can cause problems such as inflammation for people with sensitivities. Always take a good look at your dietary supplements to make sure that you are not getting more than you bargained for.


Farlong Pharmaceuticals remains committed to continuing our best practices for formulating health supplements over the upcoming year and beyond. All of our products are naturally sourced, and you can feel good about using them as part of your holistic health plan as we usher in the new round of '20s.