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We’re Spilling the Beans! Here are 10 Reasons to Give Up Coffee

October 05, 2020

We’re Spilling the Beans! Here are 10 Reasons to Give Up Coffee

If you drink coffee, you have the opportunity to improve your health, productivity, and quality of life by taking one simple action: giving it up. Discover ten great reasons to take coffee out of your life. 


  1. Caffeine can impair your sleep.


 To stay healthy and maintain your vitality, people need enough deep, regular sleep every night. Caffeine is a brain stimulant, which poses the risk of keeping you awake longer, making you sleep lighter and waking you more frequently during the night. 


  1. The energy boost from coffee is short-term.


 Coffee may give you a burst of energy, but that energy doesn't last. What's more, over time, your body builds a tolerance to the caffeine in coffee, causing you to require more coffee to experience the same energy boost. 


  1. Coffee is expensive.


 Coffee costs money, whether you buy whole beans and make it at home or pick up a fresh venti latte' every morning. And if you're like most people, money is in shorter supply than you'd like. One way to save money you can put toward more essential wants or needs is to give up coffee. 


  1. Coffee can stain and decay your teeth.


 Giving up coffee can help protect and improve your smile. Coffee not only stains teeth, but it can eat away at tooth enamel as well. In this way, quitting coffee can be one of the best and most effective forms of dental care. 


  1. Quitting coffee can lower your blood pressure.


 The caffeine in coffee can increase your blood pressure several points or more. By quitting coffee, you can remove that elevating influence on your blood pressure and help your heart to work less hard. 


  1. Coffee can make you shake and tremble.


 Drinking even just a little too much coffee can cause your body to shake and tremble uncontrollably. Eliminating coffee from your diet also eliminates this unwanted side effect. 


  1. You can reduce your anxiety.


 Caffeine can be a significant contributor to thoughts and feelings of anxiety, at least in part due to its ability to increase adrenaline levels in the body. 


  1. You'll regain control over your moods.


 Caffeine can make you moody, as can the lack thereof to a caffeine-addicted person. By stopping drinking coffee, you can put an end to extreme caffeine-related mood swings, whether from too much caffeine or from caffeine withdrawal. 


  1. It's an addiction.


 Caffeine is an addictive substance, and any substance that's addictive holds some measure of control over you. Breaking an addiction to caffeine can restore the self-control you'd abdicated to coffee. 


  1. here are better alternatives.


 Besides coffee, many other drinks can help you rise and shine and greet the day without the unwanted caffeine and other coffee compounds, such as Farlong Pharmaceutical's Ancient Tree Pu-erh Tea.