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Ways to Incorporate Notoginseng into Your Daily Routine

December 22, 2020

Ways to Incorporate Notoginseng into Your Daily Routine

Panax notoginseng, also known as tien chi root, offers many potential therapeutic benefits. It can help regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose and maintain levels within normal ranges. It can help improve cerebrovascular and cardiovascular health and function. It can also improve circulation, nourish the blood, staunch bleeding, relieve pain and inflammation, and support a healthy liver, immune system, and skin. With all these powerful benefits available, the only question remaining is how to take it.

The best way to reap as many of the benefits of this form of ginseng as possible is to take it regularly, and the best way to do that is to incorporate taking it into your daily routine.

One of the easiest ways to take tien chi root is in powder form dissolved in water, juice, or tea. This allows it to fit in seamlessly with other routines you already have in place. For instance, chances are you already have a morning and evening routine. It may involve washing your hands and face, brushing your teeth, and turning on or off your phone. One way to make sure you always remember to take your notoginseng powder is to do it as part of this morning and/or evening routine. Keep a clean glass by your sink and mix in some tien chi root powder with water, juice, or tea. Note that tien chi root has a mildly bitter flavor, so you may prefer mixing it into a beverage with a pleasant flavor to cover it up. Stir 1-3 grams of the powder into your choice of beverage for a dose.


Likewise, if you eat regular meals, you can take your notoginseng powder with one or more of your meals. You can even use it in your cooking. Rather than mixing the powder into a drink, try stirring it into a gravy or sauce or sprinkling it over chicken or into soups.

Being that tien chi root acts as a mild tonic, it can support waking up in the morning, settling down in the evening, and getting the necessary reboot midday. A recommended daily dosage of this powder is 3-9 grams.

Another way to incorporate tien chi root powder into your general household routine, if not daily, is to keep some handy in your medicine cabinet or wound kit. If you ever have an injury to treat, you can make a poultice using the powder and apply it topically to the wound to staunch the bleeding and promote rapid healing.

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