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Two Ways Notoginseng Positively Affects Cardiovascular Health

May 22, 2019

Two Ways Notoginseng Positively Affects Cardiovascular Health

Panax Notoginseng, sourced mainly from two areas in southern China, has long been prized for its host of health benefits. It is thought to be particularly beneficial for blood and circulation and may offer benefits for cardiovascular health.

Since heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, it makes sense that individuals are seeking out preventative options and alternative therapies.

With the rapid increase in the aging population and the rise of heart disease, a spotlight is focused on natural botanical agents that target heart health.

Panax Notoginseng, a species of the genus Panax -- sometimes called the "Miracle Root for the Preservation of Life -- has been used in Chinese herb medicine for thousands of years.

Recently, more research has been completed on Notoginseng, leading to a new understanding of its potential benefits for heart health, brain health, anti-cancer properties, and more.

Let's take a look at two specific ways Panax Notoginseng may work as a cardiovascular health supplement. 


  1. Antioxidant and Lipid-Lowering Power

Vascular aging is characterized by various symptoms, some of which include chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, irreversible growth arrest, cell apoptosis, reduced cell proliferation, and lipid deposition.

When macrophages update oxidized LDL, it results in fibrous plaques and fatty streaks. Therefore, reducing serum cholesterol and fighting oxidation with antioxidants may have a positive effect on vascular aging, thereby reducing the incidence of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular disease.

Panax Notoginseng is well known for its antioxidant power as well as its potential lipid-lowering abilities.

When rats on a high-fat diet were treated with Panax Notoginseng, they showed a significant reduction in serum levels of triglycerides, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol (the bad type of cholesterol that contributes to heart disease) while increasing their serum HDL cholesterol (the good kind) levels.

These features are likely beneficial for decreasing the risk of coronary heart disease associated with oxidative stress and hyperlipidemia.


  1. Vascular Remodeling

Studies have found that aging and hypertension can result in the excessive proliferation of smooth muscle cells in rat hearts.

Panax Notoginseng extract, which contains a series of saponins, may reduce proliferation levels and decrease the expressions of negative cytokines. This may result in a reduced chance of injury to the heart's smooth muscle, thereby delaying aging of the heart.

The anti-vascular aging mechanism and function of Panax Notoginseng extracts may prove vital in the role of heart health.


Final Thoughts

Heart health is a hot topic, and for a good reason, consider adding our Heart Advanced Support Capsules or Notoginseng powder as cardiovascular health supplements. These high-quality Notoginseng products make the perfect complement to your heart-healthy routine. Shop our Notoginseng selection here.