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Three Ways to Detox Your Body and Refresh Your Mind

August 29, 2019

Three Ways to Detox Your Body and Refresh Your Mind


The body and the mind are connected, and when toxins build up in the body, they can cause problems with mental focus and clarity, among other concerns. You can help restore fresh clarity and focus by merely cleansing your body of those toxins. Here are three easy and effective ways to do this:


  1. LiverPureTM Advanced with Milk Thistle

In this one product, Farlong has combined the benefits of both Eastern and Western medicine. Liver PureTM contains milk thistle, a natural nutritive for the liver, taurine, to protect the liver cells from harm, and a proprietary blend of 24 other supportive plant extracts. Combined, they are an effective daily supplement for brain health and body health overall, supporting the body in more rapidly and completely excreting toxins to restore optimum liver function and health and supporting the brain in clearer, more focused and proactive thinking.


  1. Detoxify Your Life

As within, so without, which is to say as you detoxify and cleanse your body, it would be a prime time to detoxify and cleanse your life. The two actions, internal and external, will likely end up supporting and even accelerating one another. To detoxify your life, as it were, start by cleansing your personal space, starting with the room where you sleep and moving outward from there. Throw out anything that no longer serves you or, if it has value, give it away or sell it. Don't forget about your car and workspace as well. A clean and clear environment yields a clean and clear mind. Let go once and for all of items to which you have an unhealthy emotional attachment. Similarly, cleanse your emotional life of any toxic influences. This can be harder, but also worth the added effort. In addition, InnerPure® can help purify the body, discharge toxins, enhance metabolism and blood circulation, and support anti-aging.


  1. Stretch

This one word - stretch - has multiple connotations; all of them apply for detoxing your body and refreshing your mind. Exercise can be an instrumental part of restoring physical and mental health and of supporting and maintaining it once attained. As you stretch your body, such as with yoga or running, you support supplements like Liver Pure in performing at their peak. The same can be said for stretching yourself figuratively in life. Stretch your mind by reading a book or having a thoughtful conversation with someone who sees things differently from you. Stretch your comfort zone by traveling. In these ways, you allow the physical actions you're taking to improve your health and wellness to yield newness in your daily life that further refreshes your mind.

Farlong creates proprietary formulas to provide customers the most effective and efficient herbal supplements. All Farlong supplements are sourced from the purest, highest-quality, most all-natural ingredients. Every Farlong product is manufactured at a cGMP compliant facility and come with a Certificate of Authority by a third-party laboratory attesting to its safety and quality.