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The Secret Power of Saw Palmetto Extract for Men & Women

July 11, 2020

The Secret Power of Saw Palmetto Extract for Men & Women

What is Saw Palmetto?

Also known as cabbage palm and American dwarf palm tree, saw palmetto is a type of palm plant native to the US that offers reproductive benefits for men and women alike. The ancient Mayans consumed it as a tonic, the Seminoles used it as an antiseptic and expectorant, and the American Indians used it to treat a host of reproductive and urinary symptoms. Read more below about what Western science has discovered the secret power of the Saw Palmetto supplement


Here are the top benefits of Saw Palmetto for men and women: 


1. BPH and Urinary Tract Function

 Perhaps the most common (or at least commonly-known) use of this herb is to help relieve urinary symptoms like incontinence and trouble urinating associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate gland in men. Several studies have found the herb useful for reducing urinary tract inflammation, increasing urinary flow and improving urinary tract symptoms, and overall quality of life. 

 The herb may also help improve urinary function in people who don't have BPH, including women. 


2. Prostate Health with Saw Palmetto 

 In addition to its benefits for men with BPH, this herb may have benefits for the prostate health of all men, including those with normal prostates. It may even help to prevent prostate cancer, at least in part, by helping to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the prostate and deactivating receptors involved in the development, growth, and spread of prostate cancer cells. 


3. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammation

 As alluded to above, the Saw Palmetto has anti-inflammatory properties, and not just for the prostate, containing a powerful antioxidant known to prevent cellular damage, ward off chronic disease and reduce inflammation. Lowered inflammation can lead, in turn, to reduced pain and improved healing from wounds and illnesses. 

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4. Reduce Hair Loss

 Men also commonly use the herb to prevent and reduce hair loss, although women can use it for the same benefits as well. The herb accomplishes this by helping to balance hormone levels. It may block the activity of an enzyme known to convert testosterone into a hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) associated with hair loss. In addition, the herb may help reduce hair loss by hampering DHT uptake and, thereby, reducing its capacity to bind to particular hormone receptors related to hair loss. The herb was even found in at least one study to help regrow hair in men with male pattern baldness. 

 A study of 62 adults of both genders found it increased hair density in both genders by over a third after three months of topical application. 


5. Menstrual Pain

 Women can use the herb to help them find relief from chronic pelvic pain, such as is associated with menstrual cramps. 

 The herb has not yet been sufficiently studied, however, for its safety in use by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or by children. 


6. Chronic Pain and Migraines

 Both men and women alike can use saw palmetto to relieve general chronic pain, including migraine pain. 

 The herb has not been found to interact with any known medications and most users generally tolerate it well. 

 The maker of all-natural herbal supplements, Farlong Pharmaceutical, produces a potent saw palmetto supplement.


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Who is Farlong?

Since 1998, Farlong Pharmaceutical has combined ancient Oriental medicine and modern technology to create a line of natural and safe products that promote a healthy life. Farlong is a vertically integrated herbal ingredient and supplement company with its own GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified cultivation base, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), certified manufacturing facilities and distribution channels for its unique and effective ingredients and formulas, including InnerPure® for colon detoxing, Lifeflower® breviscapine for cognitive health, Ginseng Plus® Panax Notoginseng™ for heart health and AstaBest® Astaxanthin for antioxidant nutrition. Farlong offers contract manufacturing services and ingredients for health and beauty brands to develop proprietary formulas and product lines. For more information, visit for supplements and 400+ ingredients, and follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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