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Support Your Joints this Fall by Doing These 5 Simple Steps

October 23, 2020

Support Your Joints this Fall by Doing These 5 Simple Steps

As the warm days of summer give way to the brisker days of fall, here are five ways to support your joints and remain limber, active, and feeling good all season long. They also work as solutions for joint pain that you may already be experiencing. 


  1. Lose weight (if you need to.)


 If you're overweight, all that excess weight can place a considerable extra burden on your joints. Shedding just a few excess pounds can go a long way toward relieving that undue strain on your joints and allow them to better support your frame. Of course, there are many ways to lose weight, many of which are listed here as other steps for their additional benefits, including diet, exercise, and supplements.


  1. & 3. Stretch and strengthen.


 There are two ways to help your muscles to better support your joints: stretching and strengthening. Stretching your muscles by doing yoga, Pilates, or simple light stretches daily helps lengthen your muscles and keep them flexible, supporting joint movement and preventing stiffness and the wear and tear of cartilage. 

 Strengthen your muscles, such as through calisthenics and weight training, can help support your entire skeletal frame and thereby alleviate some of the strain on the joints to do all the heavy lifting. Focus particularly on muscles like the quadriceps that surround joints. Strong muscles also help prevent jarring movements and allow for lighter impacts, such as walking, thereby protecting the joints. 


  1. & 5. Diet and supplements.


 What you take into your body can have as much of an effect, positive or negative, on your joints as the physical activities you put your body through. An anti-inflammatory diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole and cracked grains, legumes and beans, and healthy fats can help reduce inflammation around the joints, promote joint health, and even prevent or alleviate arthritis symptoms. In addition, make sure to eat some foods high in calcium and vitamin D every day, which work together to help keep bones and joints healthy and strong. Low calcium could lead to lower bone density and a higher risk of fracture, while low vitamin D can impede proper calcium absorption. You can get more of both nutrients from milk, cheese, fatty fish, and seafood and leafy greens, among other foods. You can also get more vitamin D from exposure to the sun. Just be sure to keep your skin and eyes safe anytime you're in direct sunlight. 

 Adding essential all-natural supplements to your daily diet can further boost your intake of the particular nutrients most beneficial for optimal joint health, including glucosamine and chondroitin. JointEase with UC-II by Farlong Pharmaceutical contains 600 mg of glucosamine HCL and 400 mg of chondroitin sulfate along with 20 mg of standardizing cartilage containing 5m of undenatured Type II collagen per two-capsule dose. This proprietary UC II joint formula works in concert with the body's immune system to improve flexibility and mobility and promote joint health.