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Stay Sharp With These Brain Exercises that Improve Memory

October 14, 2020

Stay Sharp With These Brain Exercises that Improve Memory

There are many fun and engaging ways you can exercise your brain to help you stay sharp at any age. 


Doing Puzzles


 The act of putting together a jigsaw puzzle activates many cognitive functions of the brain at once, as you examine individual, abstract pieces to determine how they fit into a larger, logical scheme. It also serves to protect the visuospatial (i.e., visual-spatial orientation) functions of the brain from age-related decline. 


Playing Card Games


Brain studies have found that playing card games can increase the volume of certain portions of the brain, including those related to thinking and memory.


Building Your Vocabulary


 Adding new words to your vocabulary not only makes you sound smarter when you speak. It also flexes your brain, requiring you to recall not just words and definitions, but contexts and usages as well. 


Learning a New Language


 Similarly, you can build a vocabulary (along with a whole new grammatical structure) in another language. Learning a new language puts your brain to work, reclassifying how it sees, hears, and understands the world. New languages don't just test your ability to memorize. They also force you to think in new ways, keeping your brain's learning and memory functions sharp. 


Learning (or Teaching) a New Skill


 Like learning a new language, taking classes in any subject can exercise your memory. Particularly beneficial are hands-on classes, as they incorporate additional senses into the act of absorbing and retaining information. And if they also involve sequential steps, like cooking or crafting, the memory functions are further engaged. Note as well that, just as beneficial as learning a new skill is teaching a familiar skill, as it combines the act of recalling information with the act of conveying it in a way different people will best understand, further exercising your memory functions. 


Doing Math in Your Head


 Do you rely on the calculator on your phone to solve all your math problems for you? How many of those math problems do you need the calculator for? The math problems you'll typically encounter in most life circumstances, you can solve with relative ease in your head if you just stop and give yourself a moment to think. You can always check your results on your calculator after you've solved it in your head, just to make sure you got it right.


Taking a Memory Supplement


 You can further support your brain in performing these exercises and executing all their daily functions alike by taking a supplement for better memory, like Farlong Pharmaceutical's Lifeflower Breviscape. It contains Erigeron breviscapus, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries for its ability to increase blood flow to the brain, thereby improving mental clarity, focus, learning, and memory.