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Sleep Routines that Work and Help so You Feel Well Rested

November 27, 2020

Sleep Routines that Work and Help so You Feel Well Rested

How well you sleep at night determines how well you're able to face the challenges of the day. It also affects your general health and wellness on several levels. That's why it's so important to ensure you get good sleep each night, and one way to achieve this is to establish a helpful and effective sleep routine to perform each night. Here are some ideas for how to get started creating a sleep routine that works to help you fall asleep quickly and easily each night and awaken each morning feeling well-rested.


Dim the Lights

 To start your sleep routine, turn off any lights you don't need, including in rooms you no longer intend to enter that night, and dim the lighting in your bedroom, the bathroom, and any other rooms you'll still be using during your sleep routine. By lowering the lighting in your space as you prepare for sleep, you are indicating to your mind that it's time to prepare for rest. 


Cleanse Yourself

 Whether you take a warm bath or simply wash your hands and face, a cleansing ritual before bedtime can help you clear off the stresses of the day, physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you wear makeup, wash it off. If you like lotion, apply some after you dry off. Going to bed cleansed of physical dirt helps you awaken without the day's mental and emotional dirt still dragging you down. 


Close the Kitchen

 At least one hour before bed, if not a bit more, stop eating all food to give your body the time it needs to fully digest all you've eaten that night before you lie down to sleep. Trying to fall asleep and sleep soundly can be difficult while your body is still trying to digest food. An extra benefit of keeping the kitchen closed before sleep is it can help you with weight management. 


Impose a Technology Moratorium

 Also, around one hour before bedtime, turn all your electronic devices off. If you need to leave them on for any reason, keep them in another room outside your bedroom, and commit to not looking at them during your technology-free window pre-bedtime. 


Drink Warm Tea

 While you don't want to drink anything too heavy before bed, a glass of warm, non-caffeinated tea can help relax your muscles and your mind. One practical choice is Farlong Pharmaceutical's Ancient Tree Pu-erh Tea, a dark, fermented, flavorful tea known as the tea of emperors for its enjoyment by Qing Dynasty rulers also used to help with weight management. Each bag of Farlong's Ancient Tree Pu-erh Tea contains only organic, handpicked leaves.