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SALE! Save BIG This Labor Day!

August 26, 2019

SALE! Save BIG This Labor Day!

15% off Labor Day Sale at Farlong!

Snag some of our top products like Immune Booster, Joint Ease, and LiverPure while you can! Our Labor Day sale ends 9/3/19. Shop now


Immune Booster

Was $34.99

NOW $29.74

Supports a healthy vascular function, anti-aging and longevity. 

Cordyceps & Reishi are known from Chinese medical writing for thousand years. They contain rich polysaccharide and cordycepin are found to support a healthy vascular function, anti-aging and longevity.



Joint Ease with UC II 

Joint Ease with UC II

Was $32.99 

NOW $29.70

Exclusively formulated by Longstar HealthPro. and distributed by Farlong Pharmaceutical. Recent studies show that a combination of patented UC-II® (undenatured type II collagen from chicken cartilage using a patented low-temperature manufacturing technique) with glucosamine HCL and chondroitin sulfate work with the immune system to promote healthy joints, and improve mobility and flexibility.


Don't forget to save on Notoginseng

Was $132.00

NOW $118.00


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