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Reasons Why Your Blood Sugar is Swinging (And What You Can Do to Help Stabilize It)

November 21, 2019

Reasons Why Your Blood Sugar is Swinging (And What You Can Do to Help Stabilize It)

If your blood sugar is all out of whack, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world struggle each day to keep their blood sugar normalized, and that's not even counting those with diabetes. There are many reasons your blood sugar could swing drastically on a moment's notice, and getting your blood sugar levels under control starts with understanding those reasons most impacting you. Then, you can begin to adopt new habits and behaviors more helpful for regulating your blood sugar levels, including all-natural herbal support. 


Reasons Your Blood Sugar Swings

 Your blood sugar can swing due to the foods and drinks you intake, such as caffeine, "sugar-free" snacks, sports drinks, high-fat foods like pizza, Chinese food, french fries, dried fruit, and bagels. These all can make your blood sugar rise excessively high and excessively fast. Foods that help to lower your blood sugar, incidentally, include yogurt, cinnamon, and a generally vegan diet. 

 Your blood sugar can also spike from a bad cold or stress at the job. Tasks and activities that help to lower your blood sugar include household chores. 

 Certain other activities can have extreme or unpredictable effects on blood sugar as well, including sleep, which can lower it too much, and exercise, which can cause it to ricochet between both extremes. Alcohol and excessive heat can have similar effects. Certain medications like water pills, steroids, cold pills, and birth control pills can make your blood sugar spike. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone, meanwhile, can cause blood sugar swings in both directions. 


What You Can Do to Get Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control

 One of the easiest and most effective measures you can take to reign in your wild blood sugar swings is with natural herbal supplements. When looking at natural herbal supplements for helping to regulate blood sugar, you find names like zinc, chromium, Gymnema, bitter melon, alpha-lipoic acid, pine bark, and vanadium sulfate, all of which happen to be contained in one convenient capsule produced by Farlong Pharmaceutical called GlucoPure. 

 Farlong's GlucoPure contains between 20 and 200 mg of each of these powerful natural herbal supplements in their most natural, bioavailable forms. In addition to providing their herbal benefits, the ingredients in GlucoPure also provide the body with the right balance of vitamins and minerals to help it more easily and effectively regulate blood sugar levels on its own. Just that aspect alone of GlucoPure's nutrient balance can help alleviate many of the effects of life stresses associated with causing spikes and drop-offs in blood sugar levels. What's more, in addition to helping you regulate blood sugar levels, the ingredients in GlucoPure are all supplements for high cholesterol too.