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Panax Notoginseng is a Secret Superhero for Overall Health

September 14, 2019

Panax Notoginseng is a Secret Superhero for Overall Health

Farlong Pharmaceutical is a Panax notoginseng supplier with vertically-integrated supply chain. Panax notoginseng has a rich and extensive history of use distinct from that of related plants like Panax ginseng for a wide range of physical benefits and, therefore, as a foundation for overall health. Believed to grow in the wild exclusively in the Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in China, it is known in Chinese as sanqi, meaning "Three Seven" referring to its recommended growth period of three to seven years. The part of the Panax notoginseng plant used to make notoginseng powder for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses is the root of the plant. The action of Panax notoginseng is believed to be relaxing blood vessels, which in turn could balance blood pressure and increase blood flow, among other vital benefits for general health. 

 Panax notoginseng is also used to help alleviate pain, including chest pain, and by those experiencing dizziness, stroke, or sore throat. It helps reduce inflammation and restore and maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels within normal levels. As such, Panax notoginseng could help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular function. 

 One of Panax notoginseng's other powerful effects is to help slow or even stop the flow of bleeding. People have used it for simple nosebleeds as well as upon finding blood in their feces or urine or coughing up or vomiting blood. 

 Panax notoginseng is a critical component of many ancient Chinese formulas used for a variety of purposes. It is one of seven herbs used in combination in TCM to combat prostate cancer and an ingredient in a Yunnan Paiyao, a traditional ancient Chinese formula for treating trauma. It is used by many parents to help their children to grow physically during puberty, as its functions to prevent the stasis of blood and increase circulation are believed to help boost nutrient flow to muscles and bones. It is also used to help prevent heavy bleeding and clear postnatal discharge in women post-childbirth. Several studies have been conducted into the efficacy of Panax notoginseng for a variety of uses, including its effects on menstrual problems and menstrual wellness. 

 As an vertically-integrated Panax notoginseng extract supplier, Farlong Pharmaceutical assures customers of only the purest and highest quality Panax notoginseng powder available on the market. Farlong's NotoGinseng Ultrafine Powder was the first product to obtain the 7S Authentic Herbal Medicine Certification in China. Ingredients are grown using a GAP-certified base and methods, preventing quality degradation. Levels of heavy metals and pesticides fall within the acceptable range required by US and global standards. 

 When figuring out how much Panax notoginseng to take, consider factors of your current age, size, and physical health. Consult with a healthcare professional or the knowledgeable customer service team at Farlong Pharmaceutical for guidance.