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Meditation for Beginners: 10 Tips to Get You Started

December 08, 2020

Meditation for Beginners: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Anyone anywhere can meditate by following these ten simple steps:

 1. Get Comfortable

 Dress in loose, soft, warm, but breathable clothes.


 2. Select Your space

Find a cozy, quiet, comfortable place to sit.


3. Select a Time Limit

Determine how long you intend to meditate not to waste any attention during your meditation, wondering how long to continue and when to stop. Then, set the alarm so you can forget about the time altogether.


4. Observe Your Body


Bring your focus inward, first to the surface of your skin and, then, beneath it to the feel of your muscles and bones, blood vessels, and organs. Notice any areas where you feel tightness or pain.


5. Connect With Your Breath

Take slow, deep, conscious, measured breaths throughout your meditation. Let the repetitiveness of it go slowly and steadily in and out entrance you.


6. Catch Your Mind When it Wanders

Meditating is less about finding some ideal state and staying there than it is about continually restoring focus. Just like physical balancing is not an act of stillness but one of constant micro-movements and adjustments so too is mental and emotional balancing through meditation and continually observing your mind wandering and returning it to focus. The mind wanders. Don't expect it not to. Instead, work on being more vigilant about catching it when it does.


7. Avoid Judgment

No benefit can come from judging yourself for letting your mind wander or doing anything else you find subverts your meditating successfully. Be kind to yourself, and when you notice your mind wandering, simply let go of whatever thought you were having and focus once again on your breath.


8. Drink Water

It's essential to stay hydrated while you meditate. You'd be surprised how much water your body loses simply from conscious breathing alone. Keep a water glass or bottle handy, so you can reach it without changing positions, and be sure to take small sips from it periodically throughout your meditation.


9. Support Your Body

To help you meditate effectively and reap as many benefits as you can from the activity, support your body with herbal supplements that improve blood circulation, like these four Farlong Pharmaceutical supplements for blood circulation. Some of them even help with weight management too.


10. End Consciously

When you're done meditating, don't just shake it off and leap to your feet. Instead, open your eyes and lift your head slowly. Notice the sights, sounds, and smells in your environment. Feel your body in its place in this setting and slowly start to move individual limbs and joints to bring your consciousness into them before you ultimately rise, also slowly and carefully, and resume your day or night.