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Introducing Farlong's Auto Herb Dispensary Center and Drop Ship Service

September 29, 2020

Introducing Farlong's Auto Herb Dispensary Center and Drop Ship Service

Farlong Pharmaceutical, all-natural herbal supplement manufacturer and foremost notoginseng producer and authority, now offers customers a new way to access their herbal supplements: the Farlong auto-herb dispensary center and drop-ship service.

 Farlong's auto herb dispensary system is the first and only auto herb granule dispensary system in the U.S., offering many benefits, including the following:

  • Safety - It has a built-in error checker and a convenient auto-verification system to prevent human error by ensuring the correct herbs are dispensed. It also includes a built-in herb database and software to detect potential contraindications and provide any necessary warnings.
  • Efficiency - The auto-dispensing mechanism and built-in measurement system fills herb prescriptions quickly and accurately.

Farlong's Full-spectrum Herb Granules

 You can now use Farlong's new auto-herb dispensary center and drop-ship service to order their full-spectrum herb granules to be delivered to your doorstep directly. Some of the other benefits of Farlong's full-spectrum herb granules beyond this new convenient way to obtain them include the following:

  • Geo-Authentic - Like all other herbs contained in the herbal supplements Farlong produces, they're sourced from native or geo-authentic regions.
  • GMP Manufacturing - The facilities in which they're processed are pharmaceutical-grade and GMP-certified.
  • Advanced Granulation Technology - By being processed in a way that contains fewer additives, Farlong's advanced granulation technology maintains the various herbs' highest degrees of efficacy, ultimately making for more powerful herbal supplements.
  • High Concentration Ratio - Farlong's herbal granules have a higher concentration ratio than other herbal supplements, ranging from 5:1 up to 60:1.

 Pick from scores of full-spectrum single granules to order using this new system. As full-spectrum granules, you can be sure they have each been prepared in the most appropriate manner for that given herb to ensure they remain at least as effective as the same herbs provided in a prepared decoction. Farlong even incorporates advanced quality control methods like infra-red fingerprint spectrum technologies to ensure these granules provide optimum efficacy.  

Why Use Farlong Pharmaceutical's Herb Dispensary and Drop-ship Service?

 By preventing unnecessary operational costs like inventory and staff associated with an in-person clinic, Farlong's auto-herb dispensary and drop-ship service allows you to save money while you improve your health and wellness.

 The service also saves you time by leaving the practitioners to treat patients while focusing solely on herbal prescription drop-ship fulfillment.

 Finally, in the same way all of Farlong Pharmaceutical's herbal supplement products offer greater purity, quality, and efficacy. Their new auto-dispensary and drop-ship service promises greater accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. Using this service within the continental U.S., you can typically expect to receive your herbal granules within one to two days of ordering them.