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InnerPure Colon Detox vs. InnerPure Weight Management. What's the Difference?

January 28, 2020

InnerPure Colon Detox vs. InnerPure Weight Management. What's the Difference?


The InnerPure (or "Inner Pure") line of natural Chinese herbal supplement blends from Farlong Pharmaceutical includes both InnerPure Colon Detox and InnerPure Weight Management. While both of these products offer the same blend of all-natural, GMO-free, GMP-certified potent, traditional Chinese herbs grown on Farlong's own farms, each product contains a different combination of these herbs designed to serve different purposes.



As their names suggest, InnerPure Colon Detox is designed to cleanse the large intestines of toxins while InnerPure Weight Management is designed to help you lose weight.


InnerPure Colon Detox Benefits

Toxicity in the colon can contribute to a great many diseases and conditions, from those as benign as bad breath, constipation, and indigestion to those as serious as colon cancer. By detoxifying the colon, you can help restore healthy colon function, alleviate these types of digestive conditions, and even prevent or slow the progression of more severe digestive and colon-related diseases. What's more, as part of a healthy immune system, a healthy colon can help support protection against even diseases located in other parts of the body. You can also restore and maintain healthy bowel function by detoxifying the colon.


InnerPure Weight Management Benefits

Many factors can contribute to weight gain, which means alleviating or reversing any of those factors could conceivably help promote the loss of that weight. The InnerPure Weight Management supplement aims to help people lose weight by addressing multiple factors influencing weight at once. By helping to eliminate toxins and purify the body, it helps you to make more effective and efficient use of the energy your body does produce from food, preventing the need to consume extra calories to meet those same needs.


By enhancing blood circulation, it empowers movement and activity. Exerting energy helps burn calories, which, in turn, helps the body to lose weight.


InnerPure Weight Management also contains herbs that help improve digestion and metabolism. Both of these functions work hand in hand to maximize the energy benefits you receive from food and minimize the amount of potential energy you store as fat for future use.


Benefits of Using InnerPure Colon Detox and InnerPure Weight Management Together

Having said all that, note that cleansing the colon can be a key tool to help manage weight while managing your weight can be one helpful way to avoid continuing to supply the colon with toxins. In these ways, both InnerPure Colon Detox and InnerPure Weight Management can work together to improve and enhance the benefits each one provides.



InnerPure Colon Detox and InnerPure Weight Management both contain the same combination of ingredients, though in different proportions, with each 800 mg per two-capsule dose of either one containing a proprietary blend of white atractylodes, rhubarb, immature bitter orange, lotus leaf, rubia yunnanensis, American ginseng, cistanche tubulosa, and cynanchum otophyllum.