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How Traditional Chinese Medicine is Changing the Covid-19 Game

June 22, 2020

How Traditional Chinese Medicine is Changing the Covid-19 Game

While the US and the world continue to wrangle with COVID-19, the Chinese National Health Commission have already approved three herbal formulas derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for use as a treatment for this disease, all three of which US-based all-natural herbal supplement manufacturer Farlong Pharmaceutical provides. 



 QingFeiPaiDuTang is a blend of 21 different herbs that serve together to promote dryness and coolness in the lungs and support the lungs and other organs overall. 

 Farlong Pharmaceutical provides Qing Fei Pai Du Tang in the form of its Lung Detox supplement.



 LingDanCao granules are the whole plant extra of a plant unique to a sole province in China where residents have used it for over 500 years to cool the internal temperature of the body, soothe and detoxify the throat, resolve phlegm and clear heat from the lungs. 

 In addition to the Chinese National Health Commission, Ling Dan Cao was also declared by Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou Medical University, and Yunnan Health Department Health Supervision Bureau to be a recommended herb to prevent and treat COVID-19. 

 Farlong Pharmaceutical provides LingDanCao granules in the form of its Lung Booster 1 supplement.



 Like Qing Fei Pai Du Tang, LianHuaQingWen is a blend of natural herbs, in this case, 14 in particular selected for their combined ability to detoxify the lungs, relieve heat in the lungs, and clear lung infections. In China, this supplement for lung health has been used widely to treat flu symptoms like chills, fever, nasal congestion, muscle soreness, cough, runny nose, dry throat, and headache. 

 Farlong Pharmaceutical provides LianHuaQingWeb in the form of its Lung Booster 2 supplement.

 Note that the US Food and Drug Administration, along with several US states, like Oregon, have begun cracking down on companies marketing products with misleading claims of their safety or effectiveness in preventing and/or treating COVID-19. That said, Farlong Pharmaceutical CEO and Executive Director Jing Struve told NutritionInsight in a recent interview that these products may provide natural symptom relief that complements, rather than aims to replace, standard, conventional medical care for COVID-19. 

 With that in mind, use Farlong Pharmaceutical's Lung Booster 1 and 2 and Qing Fei Pai Du Tang for the combined protection and care they offer during a worldwide health crisis.