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How to Support Your Mental Wellness this Month

March 06, 2020

How to Support Your Mental Wellness this Month

Your physical health is only one component, albeit a significant one, of your total wellness. Another factor just as significant is your mental health. In fact, your thoughts and emotions can even affect your physical health. Therefore, don't delay in making this month the month you bolster your mental wellness. To help, we offer these six tips for supporting your improved mental health. 


  1. Connect with Others

 Human beings are innately social creatures. You, therefore, require positive social interaction with others regularly to stay mentally and emotionally fit and secure. Social connection also helps you build feelings of self-worth and belonging, avoid negative feelings of loneliness or depression, and allows you to both share positive experiences with others and give and receive support during tougher times. 


  1. Stay Physically Active

 One obvious mental wellness benefit of physical exercise and activity is simply keeping your body healthy and strong, thereby placing yourself under less mental and emotional strain. In addition, physical activity causes the release of certain hormones and neurotransmitters that cause you to feel good, as well as allows you to witness yourself setting challenges and achieving them. 


  1. Create Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

 A sense of meaning and purpose in life can give you a deep inner sense of fulfillment that can carry you through many mental and emotional hardships. One way many people achieve this is by giving charitably of their time and energy to others. 


  1. Reduce Stress

 Stress is not only detrimental to mental wellness but can have dire effects on your physical health as well. Stress is also unavoidable, however. Therefore, what matters is how you handle stress and prevent it whenever possible. One way to accomplish both is with mindfulness, which is simply the act of paying attention to the present moment. Most anxiety and stress comes from focusing on the past or future. When focusing on the present, it's much harder for those anxious and stressful thoughts and emotions to creep in and wreak their havoc. 


  1. Acquire New Skills

 The process of learning keeps your mind sharp and ever-evolving. It can also increase your self-esteem and help you achieve some of the other goals on this list, such as developing a sense of meaning and purpose and connecting with others. 


  1. Support Your Brain

 Brain health is key to mental wellness. Farlong Pharmaceutical's supplement for brain health, Brain Advanced Support, is one powerful way to promote a healthy brain. It contains Erigeron Breviscapus Extract, aka Lifeflower, which encourages blood to flow to the brain, delivering it needed oxygen and helping it to eliminate wastes. As such, it's also a powerful supplement for better memory.