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How to Promote Lung Health

May 07, 2020

How to Promote Lung Health

Promoting lung health is a combined matter of avoiding certain potential threats to lung health while actively engaging in certain habits that support stronger, healthier lungs. 


Things to Avoid

 The first step to promoting lung health is to get rid of the habits that promote unhealthy lungs. These include smoking, indoor and outdoor air pollution, and illness. 

 Smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of lung cancer and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,) including emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking can constrict airway passages and obstruct breathing. It can produce chronic inflammation in the lungs and, ultimately, destroy the lung tissue. 

 Indoor air pollutants include household and workplace chemicals, radon, and secondhand smoke. These can be somewhat easy to avoid by making more intentional choices (and requests of others where necessary) to use only all-natural cleansers, detect and remediate radon, and avoid smoking in your living and workspaces. Outdoor air pollution is very much influenced by your environment, though you can make intentional choices about when and where you go when out of doors. Avoiding going outside on particularly bad air pollution days, for example, can help keep your lungs safe. 


 Infection can damage your lungs. To avoid infection, wash your hands with warm water and soap thoroughly regularly and avoid touching your face with your hands. Avoid large groups during flu and cold season. Practice proper oral hygiene to cleanse germs from your mouth. 


Things to Do

 Performing regular cardiovascular exercise like running and bicycling is one of the best ways to promote healthy lungs. You can also use certain techniques to cleanse or clear your lungs, such as steam therapy, chest percussion, draining mucus from your lungs, and controlled coughing. You can also add in certain natural foods and beverages into your diet that promotes lung health, including green tea and foods high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, including lentils, beans, walnuts, olives, blueberries, cherries, leafy greens, and turmeric. 

 Above all, make sure to get regular check-ups from your doctor. Only a trained medical professional can tell you for sure the health and fitness of your lungs. More importantly, perhaps, routine doctor's check-ups can help you catch any diseases or conditions affecting your lungs as early as possible, and early detection is the best defense against such health threats.


Lung Supplements

  All of these suggestions for promoting healthy lungs are made easier and more effective when you combine them with a powerful, all-natural supplement for lung health. A lung supplement can help open airway passages, detoxify the lungs, and improve immunity to lung conditions and diseases. Farlong Pharmaceutical makes several potent lung supplements; all produced exclusively with all-natural herbal ingredients. Here are three of their most prominent to get you started:

  • Lung Detox - Called Qing Fei Pai Du Tang in Chinese, Lung Detox is a proprietary formula of 21 herbs used for millennia as part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and, more recently, recommended by the Chinese National Health Commission.
  • Lung Booster 1 - The main ingredient in Farlong's Lung Booster 1 lung supplement is Lingdancao granules, the extract of the Chou Ling Dan Cao plant. For over 500 years, people have used Lingdancao to get rid of phlegm and clear heat from the lungs and cool the internal temperature of the body. It also protects the lungs, throat, and respiratory tract and soothes and detoxifies the throat.
  • Lung Booster 2 - The main ingredient in Farlong's Lung Booster 2 supplement for lung health, is Lian Hua Qing Wen, made up of 14 all-natural, medicinal herbs. In combination, they serve to detoxify the lungs, clear infection, and reduce heat from the lungs.