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How to Be a Healthy and Happy Family

March 18, 2021

How to Be a Healthy and Happy Family

The challenges and distractions of daily life can often get in the way of more meaningful aspects like happiness, health, and family. This can make finding health and happiness together as a family sometimes seem like an impossible, and even unreasonable, goal. But it's neither insurmountable nor unreasonable to believe that you can achieve health and happiness not just as an individual but together as a family. In fact, upon setting out on that goal, you may find that you have an even more comfortable and more successful time finding even greater levels of health and happiness when you do it as a family. With that in mind, here are several simple ways to embark on this journey with those you love most.

  1. Shut off the phone.

One way to encourage happiness, health, and harmony in your household and allow for the possibility of some quality, engaged social time together is to set aside a time each day or week when everyone turns off their phones. You can also create a family phone charging station where you all charge your phones at night so you can be sure no one is using their phones after hours. 

  1. Play outdoors together.

 There are two elements to this tip:

  • Getting outdoors
  • Playing together

Each of these elements in itself is a powerful way to keep yourselves happy and healthy, but combining them can magnify those benefits inordinately. Playing involves physical activity, aka exercise. Playing outdoors allows you to breathe fresh, clean air and recycle the toxins in your body. Playing outdoors together helps further strengthen your family bonds and builds more fond memories together. 

  1. Cook together.

Meal prep is more fun when you make it a family activity. What better way to reap the benefits of a wholesome, home-cooked meal than to start by cooking it together? The exercise builds family unity, and the rewards of eating a meal you've all cooked together may even outweigh the actual nutritional benefits.

  1. Share the chores.

No one likes doing housework, yet you do no one in your family any favors by taking it all on yourself. Sharing in the chores, even if you don't all perform them on the same day and time together, helps build a collective sense of pride and ownership of your environment. It allows everyone in the family to feel like everyone else is contributing the same amount as they. Consider changing up who does what chores, such as by using a chore wheel. This way, each person can appreciate all that goes into maintaining a home and, with that empathy, take more care in how they treat each other and their shared environment. 

  1. Explore your history.

Every family has a story, and you can explore yours as a family together by researching your family tree. Finding out where you came from and how you came to where you are can help you celebrate the accomplishments and mourn the sorrows passed down from generations ago through your shared genes and, in so doing, allows you to bond with one another through a shared sense of heritage and belonging. 

  1. Focus on the adults' relationship.

Whether the kids are being raised by two parents married and living together at home, two divorced parents living separately and co-parenting, a single parent with or without a significant other or any other form of parentage or guardianship, those kids are significantly affected by the moods, emotions, and relationships of those adults. Children know when their parents or guardians are upset. They're certainly impacted by any fighting or tension between the adults in their lives, particularly those responsible for their care and welfare. Focusing on that relationship, then, between the guardians in your children's lives, can only help alleviate unnecessary anxieties in them and help them feel safer and, therefore, happier at home. 

  1. Adult family members participate in a cleanse 

A colon detox is one powerful way to feel great, restart your healthy plan, and lose unnecessary weight in the form of undigested food built up in the large intestines. Modeling healthy habits allows younger family members to learn how what we consume affects our bodies. 

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Achieving your goals together as a family is sure to deepen your family bonds as well as your personal feelings of confidence and achievement.