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Health warning: the temperature plunge most likely lead to coronary heart disease, stroke

March 03, 2018

Health warning: the temperature plunge most likely lead to coronary heart disease, stroke

Health warning: the temperature plunge most likely lead to coronary heart disease, stroke

When you feel pressure in the chest in cold weather, severe pain, accompanied by cold sweat, nausea, vomiting and other feelings, and extends to the neck, chin, shoulders and hands, which may be acute myocardial infarction, prime time for treatment Only six hours. The temperature is too low, resulting in vasoconstriction, blood pressure, if the site of atherosclerosis rupture, it will cause thrombosis, thrombus occurred in the brain, which caused stroke. Coronary artery disease originates from the accumulation of fat in the coronary arteries supplying the muscle blood of the heart with signs of atherosclerosis and stenosis. At this time, the temperature plummets, causing inadequate supply of vascular nutrients and oxygen which can lead to chest distress or acute chest discomfort Myocardial infarction. 
  Since winter this year , the temperature in North America has changed a lot. Emergency rooms have flooded many cardio-cerebrovascular patients. Many of them have lost their golden opportunity to deal with their heartache and stroke. In recent years, on average, one out of every three cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients dies and the rate is quite high. These people have some clues on weekdays, including: chest tightness: "The pressure of work and life is like a pressure on the chest Wall " ; palpitation: " fast paced life , easy to arrhythmias " ; dizziness: " energy, physical exhaustion, high blood pressure, cerebral hypoxia " ; Shortness of breath: " exercise less, obesity, heart burden " ; Depressed: Things are not smooth, bad mood, things are not interested " ; irritability: " uncomfortable, temper, bad attitude, " and so on.

Heart disease, stroke timely delivery of the results of the stroke is good, but sometimes left sequelae, therefore, prevention is the task. Freezing as much as possible do not go out, cold morning rush to suspend morning exercise, pay attention to body warmth. Do not wake up early in the morning quilt quilt, first add a coat, let the body gradually adapt to the cold and then get out of bed. 
  In addition , Massachusetts University professor of human plants, CNN and other mainstream media as the " medicine Hunter " Corus.Chris Kilham, the most prolific total- issue Total Health health magazine in the United States in September 2004, described in his long essay "Medicine Hunt: The Search for Cure ", should be You care of cardiovascular, prevention of cardiovascular disease preferred. 
  one. About " live heart hormone " 
The U.S. patent product Notoginseng (Patent No. US Patent # 6500468 ) contains the natural biological components Notoginsenosides , Rb1 andRg1 . The U.S. Patent Office has approved the following functions of " Living Heart Mellitus " to help dilate blood vessels, regulate blood flow, reduce cardiac organ oxygen consumption, resist thrombosis, and prevent atherosclerosis . Specifically, there are four major functions of the cardiotoxin: w 
  1 . Soften blood vessels, eliminate atherosclerosis Cholesterol and triglyceride deposition in the blood vessel wall, the thickening of the vessel wall, lumen narrowing, atherosclerosis, leading to coronary heart blood, lack of oxygen, resulting in palpitation, heart palpitations, angina. Vitalin prevents bad cholesterol ( LDL ) in the blood vessel wall calm, anti-atherosclerosis, blood vessels become soft and flexible, to improve the palpitation, angina; Purify the blood, reduce blood viscosity Cholesterol accumulation, increased platelet aggregation, resulting in increased blood viscosity, poor blood flow.Activin inhibits the synthesis of triglycerides, raising good cholesterol ( HDL ), inhibiting platelet adhesion, lowering blood viscosity, purifying blood, activating blood and activating blood circulation; 
  3 . Dissolving thrombus and unblocking embolism Blood-streaked plaque contains active inflammatory cells that activate platelets and form blood clots. 02 年 11  "New England Journal of Medicine" Some people think that cholesterol is not high, but still suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is because there is such a blood vessel has not yet erupted, no painful inflammation, so heart disease, stroke Will suddenly attack. Cardiotoxin eliminate plaque inflammation, thrombolysis, metabolism by the liver discharge; 
  4 . Improve blood supply, nutrition, over-exertion, heart oxygen consumption is too large, easily lead to " overwork " , heart failure. Cardiac nutrition cardiomyocytes, the establishment of cardiac collateral circulation system, reduce heart oxygen consumption, the heart blood supply, oxygen is effectively protected. 
  11/20 Vancouver Mother Lin report: Had a previous heart disease, atherosclerosis, palpitation chest tightness, arrived Vancouver House daughter soon, summer, can not breathe consciously, open all the windows, to find a doctor. My daughter found the cardiotoxin in the newspaper and said: " This is a nutritional heart muscle, no matter whether it is good or bad, you try it first! " After eating a cardiotonic therapy, the symptoms of heart disease have disappeared: " To return, I Take a little more back! " Lin mother one-time purchase of live heart hormone, lamp two courses of treatment ( Tel : 604-438-998X ). 11/12 Miss Alice, head of the Los Angeles Daming Art Collection Center, said the previous chest tightness, gas could not penetrate, talking on the phone is very difficult, after the doctor said to go to the UCLA hospital through the blood vessels. Then eat three months of heart-beating hormone, the chest is not stuffy, gas-shun, so put the recommended heart to the Yat-sen Chinese School, Mr. Jiang, Los Angeles congee chapter president, said after the effect is good Tel : 626-458-1X48) . wenxue c ity. com 
  two. About " lamp " : wen x uecity. com 
The U.S. patent product, Lifeflower (Patent No. 6084080 ), contains the bioactive ingredient Breviscapinum , Breviscapine extracted from the Erigeron breviscapus. The United States Patent Office approved the following functions of lampstand: " increase cerebral blood flow, reduce cerebral vascular resistance, increase blood-brain barrier permeability, anti-platelet aggregation . " There are four main functions of lampshade as follows: w en xu 
  1 . Promote cerebral blood circulation, increase cerebral oxygen supply: After entering the middle-aged, circulatory system function weakened, blood supply to brain cells, reduced oxygen supply, resulting in headache, dizziness, tinnitus, verbal unfavorable, lethargy, morning wake up numbness and other phenomena . Severe paralysis of half body, hand-held landing, foot brake and feeling no language barriers and other symptoms, but in a short period of time and fully restored, this is a transient ischemia, hypoxia attack " small stroke " ( TIA ). Denglian promote cerebral blood circulation, increase brain oxygen, effectively improve the above symptoms; 
  2 . Reduce blood viscosity, stroke prevention: high blood viscosity, excessive aggregation of platelets, easily lead to stroke. One in a third of those who have had a " stroke " will have a complete stroke within a few years. Eggplant anti-platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity, prevent the occurrence of stroke and secondary recurrence; 
  3 . Repair brain cells, stroke relief sequelae: Stroke can cause stroke parts of nerve cells, fiber degeneration and necrosis, affecting the patient's thinking, memory, language and motor function. American plant medicine scientist Corus. Cullman studies have shown that eflarets have the dual functions of protecting and repairing damaged brain cells and effectively relieving stroke sequelae such as trembling hands and feet, difficulty in movement, 
  4 . Enhance memory and prevent middle-aged dementia: Lamppost traverses the blood-brain barrier, nourishes and awakens neural cells in the hippocampus , which are specialized in memory , thereby maintaining the release level of nerve cells and media, effectively improving memory, intelligence, improving incoordination, , Paranoid and other dementia. 
w 11/12 Mr. Xu, a New York computer engineer, said in a telegram that his father was in Changzhou. At the age of 64 , his father felt the " veins " and " unreasonable " blood vessels at the back of his right ear . " , It is necessary to hospital. Last year to eat lamp two two courses, the above symptoms completely disappear. Recently, my father called several times: " lamp light, lamp light is gone! " A very dependent on the lamp as a treasure to look like, so Mr. Xu is very surprised, then renewal about lamp light, Two sets of each, send their father and mother to take (Tel : 917-848-682X) . In September 2003, Liam Mahony of Ireland sent an e-mail saying " My mother is 87 years old. I had a mild stroke and had memory loss and confusion for 14 months. I first saw the presentation of the lamp in theSunday Times in England . Buy in New York, eat 2 capsules a day , great improvement, it is incredible. " 
  Heart-beating hormone, lamp light Christmas, New Year's Eve, the purchase of two courses Speed ​​? EMS headquarters in mainland China free shipping. 
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