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Four Reasons to Love Notoginseng

November 06, 2020

Four Reasons to Love Notoginseng

People who use Panax notoginseng, including those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, love it for many reasons. Here are just four:


  1. Blood Benefits

 Panax notoginseng helps to slow and stop bleeding, making it useful for treating nosebleeds and for when you vomit or cough up blood or find blood in your feces or urine. To help minor cuts and scrapes to heal, you can both prepare it as a drink and apply it topically in a poultice. 

 It has also been shown in research and is used by doctors in China to help people with bleeding in the skull or intracranial hemorrhage, usually due to a stroke, to better recover and lower death risk. 

 Additionally, Panax notoginseng promotes healthy circulation, improving the flow of blood to and from the heart and the rest of the body, including the brain. Poor blood flow has been linked to many health problems, including foggy and fuzzy thinking, lethargy and fatigue, general aches and pains, and poor resistance to disease and recovery from illness and injury. 


  1. To Prevent and Treat Heart Disease

 Panax notoginseng may lower bad cholesterol levels and help restore cholesterol to more normal levels. It can also help lower high blood pressure and help restore blood pressure to more normal levels. Additionally, Panax notoginseng has been found in studies to alleviate chest pain produced by coronary heart disease.


  1. Stage-of-Life Benefits

 Panax notoginseng may help with physical growth during puberty. By promoting circulation and preventing the blood's stasis, it may help boost the flow of vital nutrients to growing organs and bones.

 Panax notoginseng can also help postpartum women clear postnatal discharge, or lochia, and stop excessive bleeding. 


  1. Pain Relief

 As a natural anti-inflammatory, Panax notoginseng can help reduce swelling and, thereby, relieve pain. That includes pain from an injury, illness, childbirth, and both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. People also commonly use Panax notoginseng to relieve muscle soreness following exercise or other physical exertion, some even applying directly to the skin to reduce bruising and swelling and improve muscular blood flow, all of which can further help to alleviate pain. 

 While Panax notoginseng can be helpful for women after childbirth, however, women should not take it while still pregnant. 


Where to Get Pure Panax Notoginseng

 To receive the maximum benefits of Panax notoginseng, you want to take only pharmaceutical-grade notoginseng extract powder. Farlong Pharmaceutical is the exclusive Panax notoginseng manufacturing company of pharmaceutical-grade notoginseng extract powder, with all material sourced at its GAP-certified farm in the Yunnan Province of China and produced exclusively in GMP-certified Panax notoginseng manufacture facilities.