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Four Natural Practices That Could Help Alleviate Joint Pain

October 31, 2019

Four Natural Practices That Could Help Alleviate Joint Pain

In any given month, joint pain affects nearly one-third of all adults in America. Knee pain is the most common complaint, but joint pain can affect other parts of the body, too. Joint pain can have many different causes, but it is primarily attributed to illness or injury. Many doctors prescribe painkillers and medications to help patients get healthy joints. However, those medications can produce unwanted side effects. Fortunately, there are equally effective natural solutions for joint pain, too. 


Joint Supplements 

 Joint supplements promote healthy joints by boosting immunity and resilience. When used as a dietary supplement, they work with the immune system to improve joint flexibility and mobility. Joint Ease, which is a supplement for healthy joints offered by Farlong Pharmaceutical, features collagen to support joint elasticity and movement. This comprehensive supplement also supports bone health for holistic care. 



 Exercise is another excellent way to get healthy joints. Regular exercise such as walking, running, swimming, and other aerobic activities, maintains joint flexibility and function. Keep in mind, however, that weight-bearing actions can cause more damage to joints that are already affected by pain. If you're looking to add more activity to your daily routine, consider low-impact exercises like swimming or water aerobics. Be sure to ask a doctor first before starting an exercise program to make sure an activity is safe. 


Lose Weight 

 You may already know that carrying excess weight might lead to adverse health effects such as heart disease, liver disease, and some types of cancer. But being overweight can impact joint health, too. This is especially the case for individuals who have arthritis. The feet, hips, and knees are especially susceptible to the effects of too much weight. Losing extra weight reduces stress on those joints. Ultimately, achieving a healthy weight minimizes pain, improves mobility, and reduces the chance of joint pain and injury in the future. 


Hot and Cold Therapy 

 Hot or cold treatments can significantly improve arthritis pain. Taking a long, warm bath or shower always feels good. It reduces stiffness and aching in your joints, too. This strategy works at any time of the day, but it is ideal in the morning when your joints are stiff from lack of movement overnight. Using a heating pad or an electric blanket at night also loosens up your joints. Cold treatments can reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Applying a wrapped ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables to the affected joint provides instant relief. It is also a great alternative to traditional pain medication. 


 From taking a supplement for healthy joints like Joint Ease to getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and using either hot or cold therapy, it is easy to alleviate joint pain using natural techniques. Visit Farlong Pharmaceutical's website at to learn more about joint supplements and products that naturally promote joint health.