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Four Farlong Supplements to Enhance Health During a Pandemic

July 17, 2020

Four Farlong Supplements to Enhance Health During a Pandemic

Health supplements are always beneficial for helping the body to perform its healing and health maintenance functions, but perhaps no more so than during a pandemic. While people around you are getting sick with an illness with no known vaccine, treatment, or cure, often while showing no symptoms whatsoever, every little boost you can give to your body's ability to stay healthy and fight disease is worthwhile. With this in mind, all-natural health supplement provider Farlong Pharmaceutical offers many useful options. Here are four of them.

 1. Astaxanthin

 A strong antioxidant, astaxanthin is found naturally in foods with a reddish hue, like lobster and shrimp. It is a powerful immune system booster, helping to reduce and alleviate inflammation. Inflammation is commonly associated with pain, injury, and infection. As a result, it can also slow and impede the immune system's natural healing functions. Therefore, by reducing and alleviating inflammation, astaxanthin can reduce and alleviate pain, including joint pain, as well as support the body in healing the illness or injury. 

 2. Lung Booster 1

 Farlong's Lung Booster 1 is one of the most potent and widely-used Chinese supplements for lung health. Based on the herb Ling Dan Cao, it can relieve phlegm, reduce coughing, clear lung-related heat, soothe the throat and detoxify the lungs and respiratory tract. As such, Chinese authorities have already declared it an effective natural herb that may help prevent and treat COVID-19.

 3. Immune Booster Cordyceps and Reishi

 Cordyceps and reishi mushrooms are known to help support healthy bone marrow levels and reduce inflammation. Immune cells are produced in the bone marrow, among other places in the body. By helping to support bone health, Immune Booster encourages the body's production of immune cells to help combat illness. These mushrooms also support cardiovascular health by promoting healthy blood flow, another factor in staying resistant to disease. 

 4. Lung Detox

 Farlong's Lung Detox supplement is 21 supplements for lungs in one, comprised of a Chinese herbal blend known as Qing Fei Pai Du Tang. Also recommended by Chinese authorities as a COVID-19 herbal preventative and treatment, Qing Fei Pai Du Tang Contains various fruits, roots, flowers, barks, rhizomes, and other extracts from plants to reduce and relieve fever and cough and improve sore throat, poor appetite and fatigue. It also relieves heat in the lungs and respiratory tract and reduces inflammation. Several Chinese studies support these benefits.

 While TCM health supplements like these have not been found to kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, it has been found to block its spread throughout the body, regulate the immune system's response to the infection, relieve the inflammation the virus does cause and support the body in healing itself.