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Four 2019 Trends that Are Redefining the Health Industry

August 21, 2019

Four 2019 Trends that Are Redefining the Health Industry

The health industry is constantly changing. That means new ideas, regimens, and trends are always surfacing. Not surprisingly, 2019 has its list of health and wellness trends, too. An emphasis on healthier eating, stress management, and working out remotely are all common themes this year. If you are wondering what the top four trends are that you have to try this year, check out this list.


All-Natural Supplements

All-natural supplements are one of the leading trends in wellness this year. Natural herbal supplements are made exclusively from ingredients that are not artificial or processed. The USDA establishes standards for "natural" and "all-natural" products. If you're considering getting a supplement for healthy joints or other types of natural herbal supplements, be sure to purchase your products through a reputable seller rather than a third-party supplier like Amazon or eBay. That's the only way to ensure you're getting the highest-quality product possible.



In an age when life is getting busier and schedules are tighter, stress and anxiety levels are also at an unprecedented high. Self-care, which sets aside quality "me" time, is part of the wellness wave in 2019. Self-care has been around for some time. This year, however, it emphasizes a minimalist approach to self-care rather than a complex and sophisticated routine, which can be stressful itself! Whatever makes you feel most relaxed, whether it's spending a quiet day at home, taking time to work out, or focusing on healthier eating, should naturally guide your self-care routine. Focusing on just one or two of your favorite things will be far more relaxing than designing a complex self-care regimen.


Virtual and Online Workouts

In the past, those who didn't have the time or desire to join group workouts could participate from their own home through videos and television shows. Today, the same principle of a virtual workout still applies, but it has been updated for modern times. In 2019, exercises are available through online sites like YouTube and online subscriptions. Virtual workouts are especially popular among beginners, who may be too nervous or lack confidence initially to join a gym. Online workouts are also usually less expensive but more convenient than in-person classes.


Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is another top wellness trend in 2019. Instead of restricting foods or calories, intuitive eating entails listening to what your body needs rather than what your mind wants. Intuitive eating quite often emphasizes eating healthy foods and taking natural herbal supplements. The fundamental principle is to recognize when you are hungry, full, and satisfied.

Each year, many health and wellness trends come and go. But natural supplements, which you'll find at Farlong, never go out of style. To learn more about your options for natural supplements or to ask about a supplement for a particular health concern, give us a call or visit our website at