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Fighting Sleep? Three Ways Chinese Herb Formulas Help Combat Insomnia

June 17, 2019

Fighting Sleep? Three Ways Chinese Herb Formulas Help Combat Insomnia

At some point, most people experience a bout of insomnia. An inability to sleep could be temporary, or you may struggle for years with issues such as being unable to fall asleep or waking up frequently through the night. When you have insomnia, you may experience daytime drowsiness, an inability to think clearly, and negative emotions such as being quick to anger. Physically, your body becomes worn down, and you may lack the energy that you need to accomplish your responsibilities each day.

While insomnia is detrimental to your health, you can rest assured that there are solutions. Insomnia is a problem that has existed since the beginning of time, and people who utilize Chinese medicine have learned how to address it using natural herbs. Choosing to use natural supplements to improve sleep helps you to avoid potential adverse side effects from other types of sleep aids, and you can use it with different types of sleep solutions. Understanding these three benefits of Chinese herb formulas helps you make the best decisions for your health.


Open Up Energy Pathways in the Body

With traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that various energy pathways in the body are called meridians. Each of these pathways is affected by specific organs, and it is possible for energy to become blocked along these paths. When this happens, it is common for people to experience various maladies that are associated with these pathways and the connected organ. When you struggle with sleep, the belief is that there is something blocking the energy flow.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that the heart and liver affect sleep. Those who have trouble falling asleep may need to use natural herbal supplements to increase blood flow to their liver or heart. The gallbladder is often associated with nightmares or disrupted sleep, and paying attention to this area of the body can also help a person to get more restful sleep. It is also important to note that other types of Chinese medicine can be used along with herbal formulas to improve the passage of energy through the body. For instance, acupuncture may be used with herb formulas to increase the flow of energy further.


Increase Brain Activity During the Day

Chinese herbal formulas can also be used during the day to help improve sleep at night. A supplement for brain health that contains ingredients such as the natural herb Suan Zao Ren can help to keep the mind more active during the day. Being in a state of alertness helps the body to keep the energy flowing through the proper channels. It also helps a person to burn off any negative energy that could disrupt their sleep at night.

Increased brain activity also means that your mind can work out problems during the day that cause you to worry at night. Anxiety that derives from imbalances within your body also goes away, and you will be able to close your eyes at night without having worries floating through your mind.


Improve Overall Physical and Mental Wellbeing

When a person feels physically and mentally well, their body naturally responds by falling into a regular sleep and wake cycle. Natural herbal supplements can be found to enhance women's health. This is especially important during times in a woman's life when hormonal imbalances may interfere with sleep. For example, the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes sometimes cause women to wake up frequently through the night or have trouble falling asleep.

Supplements for joint health and antioxidant also help to improve sleep by reducing the amount of pain and discomfort that a person feels. When your joints feel better, you will also be more likely to engage in physical exercise that causes you to feel tired when it is time to go to sleep. As your physical health improves, you also experience even higher blood flow through your liver, heart, and gallbladder meridians so that you have even fewer sleep disruptions.

Proper sleep is essential for you to be able to get the most out of life, and disrupted sleep is a sign that you need to take action by correcting negative energy and blockages in the pathways of your body. Farlong supplements contain natural ingredients that can help improve a person's ability to enjoy a restful sleep.