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Farlong Products are 100% Naturally Sourced - And Why That Matters

November 24, 2019

Farlong Products are 100% Naturally Sourced - And Why That Matters

Whether natural solutions for high blood pressure, weight management, or sexual health, herbal supplements are only as good—meaning healthy, safe, and effective—as their ingredients. And those ingredients, in turn, are only as good as their source. Whether a vegetable or herb, to grow healthy and strong requires a clean, pure, and unadulterated growing and processing medium and method. Ingredients grown with insufficient nourishment and processed with harmful chemical or synthetic additives turn out to be nutrient-depleted themselves and fail to achieve their highest potential. That's why all-natural herbal supplements are only as healthy and effective as their ingredients. It's also why Farlong Pharmaceutical only uses 100% naturally-sourced ingredients in its natural herbal supplements. 

 All the ingredients in Farlong’s products are grown on certified GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) farms, processed in cGMP (Certified Government Meeting Professional) manufacturing facilities and stored and distributed via GSP (Generalized Scheme of Preferences) logistics and warehousing. All Farlong ingredients and supplements comply with all FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards and are independently verified through a third-party laboratory for quality assurance. 

The notoginseng Farlong uses in its natural herbal supplements, for example, are cultivated at high elevations in a region of Yunnan, China. Crops are grown using strict controls to ensure compliance with all health and safety standards. Every crop is inspected and tested individually. A combination of ultrasound and pressure washing techniques remove all residual and non-plant material. 

 Farlong's astaxanthin, meanwhile, is grown in special Photobioreactor (PBR) Systems that cut down on fouling, keep temperatures stable, control transfer of gasses more efficiently, reduce growth medium evaporation, keep out external contamination, optimize conditions to promote productivity and maximize the efficiency of light usage with a big surface-to-volume ratio. 

 In addition to these ingredients and others found in Farlong's all-natural herbal supplements are over 300 ingredients equally naturally sourced that you can buy individual in extract form at varying concentrations. 

 Avoiding so-called health supplements that contain chemicals like phthalates and BPA helps prevent your efforts at restoring and maintaining optimum health and wellness from becoming counterproductive. The last thing you want is for the supplements you take to make you feel worse, to exacerbate rather than alleviate your health concerns. Even worse, supplements with chemical, synthetic, and artificial ingredients could pose new problems of their own, such as side effects, allergies, and strain on your digestive, nervous, immune, and other systems. 

 You won't always know whether the ingredients in the health supplements you're taking are all-natural or not unless you do your homework. Read the labels of any health supplements you're considering taking before you take them. Make sure they contain no chemical additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or common dietary allergens like milk or wheat. Make sure all their ingredients were grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Read the labels on Farlong supplements, and that is exactly what you'll find.